In Other News, Cam Newton Is A Crybaby

by Cookie

So if any of you watched the Superbowl last night, you know that Denver’s defence reigned over Carolina’s offence to come out on top.

Peyton Manning will (likely) retire a Superbowl Champion, and the only thing that could have made yesterday more perfect for him would have been an MVP.

In reality, Cam Newton and his boys dropped the ball.  Literally.  A lot. They provided way too many opportunities for Denver’s D to swoop in and make some big plays.  And they took advantage of every single mistake Carolina made.  For a Peyton Manning fan ( like me) and therefore a Denver fan last night, it was seriously so fun to watch.

So anyway, you don’t need me to recap the game, but I will also say holy fucking SHIT Lady Gaga and YES MA’AM may I have another Beyonce Bruno Mars mash up!  Coldplay is still whatever for me.  He can take his flowers and rainbows and hit up the next pride week.  This was the fucking Superbowl man.  COME ON.  Don’t be so lame.

And then the post game interview with Cam Newton.  You can read the transcript here.

And I have to say that although I understand the deep disappointment he must be feeling, I wasn’t a fan of his attitude and disrespect for the media. Yes, he’s young.  Yes, he realizes that his three fumbles were probably the most significant contributing factor in their loss yesterday.  And I’m sure it sucked so bad.

But you know what?  For someone who is so full of antics and dancing and smiles and crap when things are good, you have to be able to equal that in your ability to be a good loser.

I think that a little bit of grace goes a long way.  He needed to have a shot of tequila, nut up, and go out to his interview with the ability to congratulate the opposing team and talk about the things they will do better next time.  Because anybody who watched the Carolina Panthers in the rest of the season knows that they have a pretty good thing going.  They’ll be back.

That’s what a leader does.  And I get that he’s young, but you can’t just lead when things are good.  You have to set the example of how to behave with a bit of maturity and graciousness when things suck too.  That’s what a good leader does.

So feel good about how you play football, but work on that off field behaviour.  Take a page out of Peyton’s book…..which is all class.