Exercise Your Freedom Of Speech, As Long As It’s Not On Facebook

by Cookie



So, this nurse in Saskatchewan wrote a post on her Facebook page criticizing the care her grandfather received at a palliative care facility.

She felt that while some of the staff were very good, others would benefit from more training, and encouraged families of patients to watch how their loved ones were treated and report anything they were concerned about.

She’s now in the middle of a disciplinary hearing and could be in deep shit for her comments.

I don’t know how I feel about that.  Would she be facing any sort of problem if she weren’t herself a nurse?

I think that social media can be a very powerful thing, but we are all still entitled to our opinions.  How is this any different from her going on one of those “Rate MD” sites and posting a negative comment about the care her grandfather received there?

And yes, even I try to be careful when posting complaints about one thing or another.  I rarely name names or get specific ( she probably should have left the name of the facility out), but in this day and age of social media there has to be some expectation of discussion online between clients.

The restaurant where I moonlight specifically talks to us about providing service good enough that someone would go to Facebook or Twitter to rave about it.  But that means you have to be prepared for some negative feedback as well.

And if a bartender from another restaurant said that our place had shitty service and it was slow, I wouldn’t feel betrayed by a colleague in the industry.  I would probably think yeah, something stupid must have happened because other service staff are usually the most patient patrons.

I don’t know.  We are supposed to live in a country where we have the freedom to say what’s on our minds whether it’s coming from our mouths or written on our screens.  Posting an opinion on a public forum also gives anyone in question the opportunity to respond immediately to the topic in question.

I would also be willing to bet that the staff in the facility in question have ramped up their A game since the post happened, because they are probably determined to prove this woman wrong.  Either that, or they know that people do watch and have a forum to express their opinions.

And maybe, this nurse didn’t even try to speak to anyone before she made her post.  She probably should have at least tried to bring her concerns to their attention first and waited to see if they responded appropriately.  But in my experience with Health Care in this country, complaining to an administrator gets you nowhere.

In the end, I believe that she has the right to post her opinion on her Facebook page. She’s not a public figure, she doesn’t have huge influence anywhere.  The only difference between her bitching to her friends and them passing the story along and this is that it’s in writing.