Donald Trump Is A Real Asshole, Isn’t He?

by Cookie

I am too tired today to have any nice and fluffy thoughts about anything of importance and there is fuck all in the news to amuse me either.  Unless you count the fact that Donald Trump won a whole shit ton of primaries last night and looks to really be on his way to winning the Republican nomination.

Is this really a thing that might happen?

Seriously.  With all the blatant racist and sexist remarks, all the inflammatory comments and ridiculous antics, could this man actually make a real run for the American Presidency?  It sort of feels like a big stupid joke.

But is it?

Trump is a real asshole.  But somehow, like the Devil himself, he as figured out a way to make us love hating him.  He has figured out a way to say “You know, I’m a real dick.  I hate Mexicans and Muslims and I think women are useless bitches.  But I speak enough of the tiniest bit of truth, or at least enough of what those tiny little voices fueled by fear and greed whisper to us all in our hearts to make you believe what I’m saying”.

He’s quite fucking brilliant, actually.

Now do I think he’s gonna become the next President of the USA?  Nope.  Do I think he should be?  No fucking way.

But I think Trump actually has a super important role to play.  He has a purpose besides the shock factor and entertainment value of watching him speak.

I am very convinced that Hilary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination.  And that makes me super happy.  I was a huge fan of her husband, and I feel like part of the reason Bill was as good as he was was because he had a brilliant woman behind and beside him.

I think Donald Trump being such a crazy reckless fucktard is gonna make Hilary better than she would have been otherwise.  She is going to work that much harder to make sure she is the antidote to Trump.  She is going to have to listen harder to regular people and forget that she comes from a life of privellege and wealth in order to out-compete him.

Because say what you will about The Donald.  He is a brilliant, successful businessman with a lot of supporters out there.  The media is eating his shit up and despite some of the vile things that come out of his mouth he is absolutely charming as hell.

And people are so super stupid that they fall for shit like that all the time.

But if I said it once, I said it a million times:  People who are charming are being so in order to hide something from you.  Whether it be lack of competence, or knowledge, or simply undesirable character traits.  People use charm to manipulate you into thinking they are something they are not.

And if anybody actually thinks that Donald Trump gives one rats ass about anybody besides Donald Trump they are being fooled.  He may want to “make America great again”  but only for his own pockets.

He’s a real ripe asshole.  Sorry, American friends.  Good luck.