Remember That Time Buddy Got So Mad He Forgot Why He Was Mad?

by Cookie


I don’t know what the hell is going on with Buddy.

Remember how he has always been the easy kid?  My sunshine baby who is always happy?

Now he supplements his behaviour by moonlighting as a temper tantruming asshole.  In public.  At home.  Seriously kid, I have enough reasons to feel like a dick without you freaking out for no reason.

Yesterday he had an epic meltdown at gymnastics I think because I redirected him from an activity he wanted to do to the one everyone else was doing.  And he just freaked out.  To the point where he didn’t even know why he was mad anymore either.  Because once I got him settled in a time out and asked him what his problem was he said “I don’t know”.

Look, I know he’s two and these things are relatively normal.  But then I question my response to it.  Which is basically “NOPE”.

I am not opposed to following through with my threats of removing my tantruming asshole child out of class.  I am not opposed to raising my voice to get their attention if they are acting stupid.  I feel like it is well within reason for me to grab my child by the wrist ans escort them to a more private area to freak out, even if it means I have to drag them.

I just feel like everybody stares at me and it judging me inside.

I am blessed with two willfull children.  I say blessed because they aren’t afraid of things.  They aren’t the child crying on the sidelines because they are too afraid to leave my side.  I say blessed because they aren’t afraid to play with other kids.

But it means that getting their own way is EXTRA important to them.  And it is EXTRA important for me to stand my ground, which makes for some unholy battles.

And I see all the parents out there who use such nice words with their kids and are polite and all that. I see other moms who have quiet, shy kids that seem to be well behaved most of the time.    But my kids don’t give a shit.  And one day yours won’t either.

All I have to say is that when you see a mom with a kid who is in meltdown, keep your judgy eyes and higher than mighty glances to yourselves.  Because:

  1. One day it will be your turn and all the “pleases” and “Okays?” in the world will not shut off a full out paddy.
  2. You don’t know what the history is.
  3. Mind your own fucking business.
  4. You may question me dragging my kid outta there, but I question your judgement when you don’t react to your kid.
  5. Seriously?  Don’t you have anything better to do, Supermom?


I just want my usually happy kid to not freak out for no reason at gymnastics.  But when he does, I’m gonna deal with it.  Sort of.

Stop looking at me, Bitches.