This Next Generation Will be Full Of Hard Ass Criminals And Thumb Sucking Pussies

by Cookie

Seriously.  I just read this article about how a 5 year old kid in England is being investigated for rape.


It goes on to say that children are becoming more and more commonly  involved in criminal activity, but in this case is under the age of criminal responsibility.

Well no shit.

First of all, how the hell does a five year old rape anyone?

I mean, did he lure the babysitter into his bed using candy and empty promises?   Or did he threaten to harm her or her family?

How does a fucking 5 year old know how to perform a sexual act? Well, they would have been exposed to it either by being a victim of abuse themselves, or an adult caregiver let them see adult material that they had no business seeing.

If anyone should be charged with anything here, it should be the parents or caregivers.  I mean, yes, a five year old is capable of knowing right from wrong, but they are not necessarily capable of having insight into the ramifications of their actions. The parents are responsible for helping them make good decisions.  The parents are responsible for supervising their children to make sure their assholery stays within what’s reasonable for a small child-see temper tantrums, toy throwing and foot stomping.

So, not only how does a five year old “rape”  but how the fuck did they have time to do so without somebody stepping in?  Where was the parent or caregiver?

Sure, I let my almost five year old play in another room with her brother or friend, but they are always within ear shot.  How does a little one have so little supervision that they have time to sexually assault someone, and what kind of victim are we talking about?

And I don’t mean to make light of a serious situation, but I could seriously charge my kids with assault and groping on a daily basis.  Someone is always head butting me or grabbing my boobs or trying to put their hand down my shirt.  Because kids are weird.  And they do weird shit.  So are we saying that this child went beyond that 5 year old boundary-less exploration, or are we saying that whoever was watching them dropped the ball so badly that they actually raped someone?

This whole thing just has me shaking my head.  I’m no helicopter parent but COME ON.

Parents.  Can we find a reasonable balance between spending our lives practically crawling up our kids asses and paying so little attention that they are raping one another and setting the house on fire?

We are raising a generation full of either pussies and criminals.  This world is going to shit.