Parking In A Handicapped Spot Is A Dick Move, But Hardly The Crime Of The Century.

by Cookie


Yesterday I saw this video online of a woman who is clearly fit as a fiddle parking in a handicapped spot at Time Hortons.  So some guy decides to take a video of her asking her why she parked in the handicapped spot.

As he continues to hound her and taunt her, saying “What makes you so special” over and over again, she freaks out and starts swearing and yelling.  She ended her Swan Song by throwing an iced coffee at him and peeling off in her Jeep Cherokee.

C’mon man.

We ALL know what made her park in that handicapped spot.

The generation of teenagers and twenty-somethings are an entitled, lazy, spoiled bunch of fucking brats who believe that the rules apply to everyone except for them.  It’s not just her.  She just happened to be the one you caught on video.

And yes, her behaviour was deplorable.  Her use of language was almost as bad as mine and her temper tantrum was certainly not becoming.  But dude, you were acting like a huge dick too.

Sure, maybe say something to her.  Take a picture of her truck with the license plate number and send it to the parking authority if you want to teach her a lesson.  I’m just not sure that putting her face on social media with her license plate number was an appropriate use of technology.

I mean, she parked in a fucking handicapped spot, it’s not like she was beating a puppy to death or robbing the store.  Her actions were rude and selfish and indicative of the general attitude of people out there in a lot of cases, but I think that the media is a very powerful thing and there is no need to put her safety at risk…especially when you show identifying information.

Unfortunately for her, she was caught in a moment of anger, and thanks to the “videographer” this shit ass moment could define her for a long time.  The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

Instead, we as parents should treat our kids to respect rules that are put in place to make things easier for people who generally have it harder than us.  We should teach our kids that having to walk a block or two is not the end of the world and that we should be thankful for having two working legs.  We should teach our kids what a real emergency is….and being late for school or work but still wanting your morning coffee doesn’t qualify or entitle you to take advantage of something set aside for people less fortunate than you.  And that includes parking in a fucking handicapped spot.

And we should also teach our kids that getting in someone’s face with a recording device and publishing them on social media is not an appropriate response either.  That we are all human beings capable of being better with the correct perspective and guidance.

Try to be a nice human today, Bitches.  For me.