Can You Take Time Away From Your Self Righteous Judgements And Just Pray For This Little Guy?

by Cookie


Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba           This little guy is missing. Other than praying for him and his family just close your mouth.



Yesterday I came across one of those “please share” posts on Facebook.  A two year old boy went missing in rural Manitoba, and despite a huge search effort including dog teams and 300 volunteers, he is still missing.

The child was playing outside and then suddenly was gone.  Fucking gone. There weren’t any more specifics than that.

And you know what, Bitches?

People are such heartless pieces of shit.  Instead of simply offering their prayers or thoughts or good vibes or whatever they believe in, they are taking time out of their day to call the parents out.

Yes. You read that right.

The little boy is Aboriginal, so clearly his parents were negligent and this is all their fault.  How irresponsible of them to leave their child unattended.  How could they not watch him?

Or so many of the comments say.  What a bunch of self righteous assholes.

Last fall, I was at the mall play area with both kids.  I had the stroller for Buddy and Destroyer was on foot.  When it came time to leave I put Buddy in the stroller and told my Twee D it was time to go.  So obviously, she pitches a giant fit and ran away from me, into a store.

The store was one of those ones that was open on all sides, with no specific door in or out.  It happened to be a card and gift shop with four aisles and a bunch of fucking displays in the middle.  So as we pursued my Twee Destroyer, we got stuck because the stroller wouldn’t fit around one of the mid aisle displays.  I fucking hate those things.  Even more so now.

By the time I got the stroller turned around and went to catch her, she was literally gone.  Vanished into thin air.

Now some of you may have heard this story before.  I’m wondering…..did you think I was a shitty parent?  Irresponsible?  Not watching my kid?

The fact is that I was none of those things.  It just literally can happen in the blink of an eye. And by the way, I am not Aboriginal either so you can’t blame it on that.  I am white as snow and still managed to lose my kid in a shopping mall.

And the thing I remember most is this horrible feeling that someone had literally ripped my heart out of my chest and was sucking the air out of my lungs for those 30 minutes that she was lost.  A feeling like my whole reason for existing was in jeopardy.

And so when I read about a child going missing, regardless of the circumstances or their fucking race, all I can feel is empathy and sickness and sadness for the family and the child.  All I can do is beg God to return this baby to their mom.  And THEN, when I read ignorant comments from judgy know it all assholes who likely aren’t even parents themselves I just want to punch them in the vagina.

Get a grip people.  There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  And kids make it super hard to do things perfectly anyway.  They are always getting in the way of your perfect shit by accident and making you look bad. And since you can’t be perfect, can you at least be nice?  Have empathy?  Not be an asshole?  Because one day, it will be you who has something tragic happen, and you will need the support of your community without all the judgemental commentary.

Remember when  I asked you all to be nice humans yesterday?  You still have a shit ton of work to do.