Doctors Suck, But So Does Dying

by Cookie


If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a case in court right now in Alberta where the parents of a 19 month old boy are charged with failure to provide the necessities of life.  Their son died of bacterial meningitis and they failed to get him the medical attention he required.  Instead, they continued to treat him at home under the advice of a naturopath.

And then I read an article about a former naturopath who believes that pediatric naturopathy should be outlawed.

I sort of half agree.

Here’s the problem:  In today’s practice of medicine, at least here in Manitoba, in feels very much like the physician’s goal is to write you a prescription to band aid whatever ailment is bothering you and send you on your way as soon as possible.  And repeat.  And repeat again.  The problem with that is that we tend to see a lot of reactive medicine; doctors seem to react to the symptoms and try to address those without necessarily figuring out what the cause is and trying to prevent the symptoms in the first place.

In addition, many doctors are very quick to invalidate any options that are outside of their scope.  I have had a specialist openly laugh at me and call me ridiculous when I suggested that chiropractic care had helped me manage symptoms.

Now, for somebody like myself who is extremely sensitive to drugs and tends to have unfavourable reactions and side effects from drug treatments such as analgesics and antibiotics, this can be frustrating and unproductive.

So what do you do?

I believe very strongly that alternative therapies including diet and natural products have a lot of benefit and work very well for me. I also feel that chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage also have many benefits and I have used each with quite a bit of success.

But I also recognize when alternative therapies have reached their limit and no amount of freshly squeezed juice and vitamins are going to cure an acute systemic infection.

And like it or not, humans do tend to be reactive.   The care that many receive in today’s system is less than they deserve and not meeting their needs.  Families and parents get frustrated because they want to be heard and they want to feel like they are part of the conversation instead of being spoken to in terms they may not even understand.  They are fed up with waiting hours to be seen by someone who doesn’t have any empathy or compassion and just wants to give them a pill and show them the door.

And so, we swing completely to the other side.  The parents on trial in Alberta had negative experiences in the traditional medical world.  They were unsatisfied with their care and stopped trusting their care providers.  And so they went to someone with less knowledge, less training but more humanity.

So, how do we solve the problem?

Why can’t it all be specialties of medicine?  If you are going to call them all doctors, why not start them all with the same training and then allow them to split into specialties like acupuncture or chiropractic or traditional medicines?  Why does there have to be a divide?  Can we just set our arrogance aside and prevent other toddlers from dying?

Or maybe medical doctors need to spend a little more time learning compassion. Maybe we need to hire more doctors and specialist so that the physicians aren’t so overloaded with patients that they have 12 month waiting lists.  Maybe then they would have more than 3 minutes to diagnose, treat you, and street you.

In any case, I am tired of having to yell at people to get basic care and needs met.  My experience of late with the Health Care in this city is abominable.  You have to fight for every little thing unless you are extremely lucky.

So, I don’t know if naturopathy needs to outlawed.  Maybe it needs more regulation, and very possible the practitioners need more training.  But at the very least, you have the ability to try some “alternative” therapies while you are waiting to get in to see someone in the medical field.

What alternative treatments do you use, Bitches?  What works for you?