The World Is An Offend-A-Thon, And It’s Starting To Get On My Nerves

by Cookie

So Dave Wheeler, a radio host in Winnipeg has gone and gotten himself suspended over a couple of cartoon music videos he made that made fun of a couple areas in town. Now anyone who lives in this city knows that each area of town is notorious for for is stereotypical “tenant”.  It’s almost like an inside joke.

The North End is a rough area.  There is lots of poverty and crime.  The west part like Tuxedo and Charleswood tends to be upper class and have money.  The South end has an enormous Asian population and literally a sushi joint on every corner.  St.Boniface houses a large French speaking population. And Transcona, well, even the residents there refer to it as “Trashcona”.  Because they have a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves a little bit. Whatever.

So the videos Dave Wheeler made got peoples titties all hot and they are demanding that he be fired.

I was only able to see the one about the North End ( the videos have since been taken down), and my reaction was this:  Non reactive.    I felt like it was a parody of all the gangster rap videos out there, with Winnipeg as the backdrop.

Did I think it was funny? Not really.  Did I think it was offensive?  Not really.  It takes a lot more to offend me than that.  I mean, he didn’t even use the word “cunt” once.  What’s to be offended about?

Look.  The guy is a radio host and comedian.  Comedians make fun of things and people.  Sometimes they make fun of things that are serious in nature like politics or war because the whole point of comedians doing what they do is to teach us that if we are laughing at shit, than maybe it isn’t so bad.  Maybe we can just get up and keep on living.

I just feel like this world is turning into a fucking Offend-A-Thon.

Everywhere I look, somebody is offended about something.

Mom breastfeeding her baby?  Let’s get offended by that.  Call all the news stations and suspend her Facebook account for showing “indecent pictures”.

Somebody advocating for the right to make a choice that is different from the one you made as a parent?  Clearly they are trying to suppress your rights.

Woman showing off a super fit body?  Clearly shaming you for looking different than her.

Transgender person using the same bathroom as you? Obviously their need to urinate and ultimate use of the toilet has made the space offensive to be in.

What the actual fuck is wrong with people today?  Have we become so intolerant of intolerance that we don’t actually tolerate differences in each other anymore?

Can’t we laugh about anything ever without harming someone’s rights?

Dave Wheeler posted a couple of videos that poked fun at different areas in the city.  From what I saw, it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with a longstanding Winnipeg joke.  And the videos are two years old.  Why do we give a shit now?

Was it in poor taste?  Ummm...Maybe?  Does it deserve the attention it has been getting?  Does it deserve an organized protest and him being fired?  Absolutely not.  It doesn’t even deserve the time my shitty blog is spending writing about it.

If people spent 10% of the energy they used up getting all pissed off about shit that doesn’t matter on things that actually make the word a better fucking place, the world might actually have a chance at being a better place.

So next time you’re gonna go get all riled up about some crap a comedian said or did, or next time you’re going to try and get a mom breastfeeding her baby arrested for indecent exposure because she violated your rights to not look at her titties, do me a fucking favour.  Go out and spend that time picking up garbage in your neighbourhood.  Go and volunteer to pet cats at the Humane Society.  Go and put together a food hamper and drop it off at Winnipeg Harvest. Go hang out with some old people in a nursing home or join Big Brothers/Big Sisters and make a real difference in someone’s life.

That’s how you can be a hero and fight for a real cause.

But this Captain of the Offended Brigade crap?  Give.It.Up.