11 Things Men Find Attractive About A Woman

by Cookie

I jut read this bullshit article called “10 Things Men Find Unattractive”.

I say it’s a bullshit article because it mainly talks about hair and makeup styling.  Last time I checked, my husband barely knows what mascara is, and is certainly not going to lean in and inspect whether or not it has clumped up.  He’s not going to look at my hair when I have it pinned and styled in an updo and roll his eyes and say ” That is so unattractive

Maybe I’ve been out of the dating scene for too long, but are all the girls out there trying to date gay men?

Because they are the only demographic of men I can think of who are going to care about my hair or if my foundation is applied right or what colour my lip liner is. By the way, 1990 just called and they want their lip liner back.  Who the fuck has time to wear lip liner?

You know what actual, real live men care about and find unattractive?

Assholery.  Game playing. High maintenance chicks whose self worth is attached to their relationship.  Being a bitch. Being unappreciative when something nice is done for them.

You know what I think men find attractive about a woman?

  1. Tits.
  2. Sincerity
  3. Blowjobs
  4. Confidence
  5. Not being an asshole
  6. Liking sports
  7. Sense of humour
  8. Being able to have an intelligent conversation
  9. Willingness to be naked
  10. A lot.  Being naked a lot.
  11. Beer.  (Maybe that’s not a female trait, but most men love beer)

Listen, Bitches.  I am no relationship expert. But I know that if you are worried that your bad hair day or clumpy makeup is going to make your man find you unattractive, you are with the wrong man.

The right man will find you sexy at your best, your worst and everything in between.  Stop allowing bullshit articles like this one make you feel like your appearance is the single most important thing that people judge you and love you for. Stop allowing an impossible ideal and standard be that one unattainable thing in your life that haunts you.  Stop worrying about what you look like on the outside all the time, and spend more time working on all the things on the inside.

And learn about sports.  Men really, really like when they can watch the game with their chick.  And then show him your tits.


The Nakedest, Footballest, Show Em Yout Tits-est Girl That Ever Was.