This Elbowgate Thing Is Starting To Really Irritate Me

by Cookie


So everybody in Canada is talking about Elbowgate.

Our Prime Minister was involved in some questionably aggressive behavior in the House of Commons in which he came to pull another MP through  crowd of people and INADVERTENTLY made contact with a female MP’s chest with his elbow.

Jesus Fucking Christ everybody in parliament is losing their goddamn minds over it.

Read and watch this.

So ok.  I’m not sure why Trudeau took it upon himself to go over and pull the Opposition’s party whip thorough a crowd of bitchy MPs who were blocking his path, but anybody who has watched the video can clearly see that any contact made with Ellen Brosseau is completely accidental.  He barely touched her, but her reaction was as if he punched her in the vagina on purpose just for being a woman.

Hey Ellen, FIFA called and they want to issue you a red card for acting like a total faker asshole on Parliament Hill.  3 game suspension.

Thomas Mulcair’s reaction was equally ridiculous.  “What kind of man elbows a woman?!” he shrieks into the crowd.  “You’re so pathetic!”

You know what’s pathetic, Tom?  Going from being a strong Opposition party to having about 3 seats in Parliament.  Maybe if you spent less time pointing fingers at everybody else and being a whiny cunt, and more time figuring out a way to inspire people ( Jack Layton is turning over in his fucking grave, dude) you wouldn’t be freaking out over nothing in the House of Commons.

And don’t even get me started about the Conservatives ridiculous comparisons to Trudeau’s accidental contact with Ms. Brosseau with that of a drunk driver not meaning to kill anybody.  That one even has Peter Mansbridge rolling his eyes and saying “That last one was a bit much.”

Oh.  I forgot that Trudeau also apparently said “Fuck”.  As in “Get the Fuck out of my way.”

Bravo, Mr. Prime Minister.  You are now worthy of being called a human being, despite being a politician.

The past week or so has been a total shit show for the Trudeaus.  I am no expert in psychology or in human behavior, but I do know this:

When I worked in a highly competitive, technical world, people who made mountains out of every molehill and made personal attacks against their coworkers just came out looking like total assholes.They try everything to make someone look bad because of their own insecurities.  If you want to shine, shine based on your own merit and by being excellent at your job. Shine by inspiring others. Watching all the MP’s bitch and moan and go on an on about the  incident made me embarrassed to be a Canadian.  It was like listening to a bunch of kindergarten students.  For reals.

The things that the Trudeaus have been in the news about are not the things I want to hear about.  I want to know what new laws are being made.  I want to know where our tax dollars are being spent.  I want to see the work he is doing to make this country better.

I don’t give a fuck about why the Conservatives have wet panties about something he said or what Sophie wore.  I don’t give a fuck , regardless of how entertaining it was to watch, about the near brawl that happened in the House.

Can WE PLEASE just start acting like grownups in this country?

And if we can’t, can WE PLEASE just all drink tequila until we work out our shit?