That Time No One Was An Asshole At Shoppers Drug Mart

by Cookie



Last night while Husband was putting the kids to bed, I had a craving for ice cream and a scratch and win lottery ticket.  Since it was around 9 o’clock on a holiday Monday, there weren’t many options.

So off I went to the 24 hours Shoppers drug Mart across the highway.  Along with everybody else in the south end of this city, apparently.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that we now have something close by that you can go to after regular store hours that isn’t a 7 Eleven filled with Slurpee Junkies with questionable motives.

But this Shoppers is a perpetual shit show.

There is always a ginormous line up and one cashier who is not only busy having their first moment in front of a cash register,  but I’m pretty sure in front of other human beings.  And of course some asshole requesting to cash in points or do an exchange, or who is pissed off that the register price doesn’t meet the displayed price or something equally annoying.

But not today.

Today, Shoppers Drug Mart was full of sunshine and rainbows and people not being assholes to each other.

I felt like I had fallen into some alternative reality.

There was one cashier open, and she was helping some lady who was cashing in about 5 million lotto tickets, didn’t speak English very well, and was having a hard time communicating her needs to the poor girl who was literally on her first shift.

And before you knew it, there were about 20 people in line.

And you know what?

Instead of getting all pissy and huffy, everybody was chatting with each other, picking up stuff that other people dropped for them, and generally leaving their impatience, entitlement, and assholery at the door.

For maybe the first time ever the supervisor there managed to get their shit together and open a few more tills, and people ushered others ahead of them if they had something heavy or a baby or whatever.

I just have never seen a bunch of strangers be so collectively happy and nice to each other in this city.  No petty line cutting or sighs of exasperation.

It made me realize a couple of things:

  1. Everyone is over scheduled and rushing around so much that we forgot how to just be nice.  Last night, everyone was coming off of a nice weekend away or an extra day off and remembering to how to be a decent human being.
  2. It doesn’t take all that much energy to be polite rather than be a giant dick.   Hold the door for someone, be considerate.  If we all made these tiny efforts, the world would be a lot more bearable.

So, moving forward, let’s remember my motto for life:

Don’t be an asshole.