I Throw Things When I’m Mad Too, Johnny

by Cookie

In case any of you haven’t heard…since the intimate details of celebrities lives are obviously the most important news story of all,  Johnny Depp is in some deep shit right now over allegations of domestic violence and spousal abuse.

There are a million different reports of this and that, and despite the judge granting Amber Heard ( his now estranged wife) a temporary restraining order, most of what you see in the media seems to be supporting Johnny.

As for the restraining order, JD is probably thinking that he never wants to be within a hundred yards of her ever again anyway.  Whatever.

Now I don’t know what has gone inside their home, but it seems to me that Ms.Heard’s credibility is on the line.  I feel like posting pictures of broken pictures and wine bottles on social media proves nothing.  I feel like having some sort of odd bruising that disappears or moves the next day when you post another picture on social media of yourself out with friends is fishy.  I feel like the police being called to you place over an argument without seeing any of these aforementioned things doesn’t help your story.

Johnny Depp seems like a quiet, passive man.  It’s hard to imagine him getting angry or violent, yet we all get pissed off and say and do regrettable shit.  All of us.

So, could he have gotten mad and whipped a cell phone at his wife?  Sure.  I throw things when I’m pissed off sometimes too.  Does that make him a wife beater?  I personally don’t think so, but the police may see it differently.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened inside their marriage.  But, I did see a few things online that suggested that we once again and without question support the accuser.  And it sort of irked me.

Bitches, we have a justice system that states someone is innocent until proven guilty.  We have NO IDEA what happened in this relationship, and the accuser’s behavior prior to and after the alleged abuse is in question.

And yes, I think her behavior IS relevant.  Just because someone makes a claim doesn’t make it true.  What if she isn’t being *brave*?  What if she’s just being a greedy bitch?

Men have no right to put their hands on a woman in anger or any other fashion that is unwanted.  We can all agree on that.

But simply because a woman makes an accusation against someone doesn’t make it true.  In this particular case, there is a significant amount of money being sought by the accuser.  And there is no better motivator of assholery than he potential for someone to pay you 50,000$ a month just because you slept in the same bed for 15 months.

I just feel like the buzzword all over social media right now is to believe and support all accusers without question.  And that, Bitches, is a dangerous move.  Notice I didn’t say victims.  I didn’t say victims because we are not the ones to determine whether a crime has been committed and therefore there is an actual victim.  The police are.  And in this particular case, they had determined that a crime did NOT occur, and therefore there is not a victim yet.  Merely an accuser with a lot of motivation to lie.

There is a system in place that is maybe not ideal, and very difficult to navigate, but it’s there to protect ALL of us.  It’s there to protect victims and to protect people against false allegations.

I’m sorry, but when we try to use social media to validate criminal allegations, it makes you look foolish and tarnishes your credibility.  Posting pictures of “evidence” on Twitter is ridiculous.

Shit like this with Amber Heard are doing nothing but diminish the experiences of true victims of domestic violence.

We shall see what happens…..but I think the truth is not even close to what we read on line.  What do you think?