10 Minutes Too Long, Cincinnati Zoo

by Cookie



I know you all are probably sick of hearing about that goddamn gorilla.  I am too.  It’s been all over the news for like four days, and it’s starting to get old.

I personally hadn’t written anything about it while I skimmed through articles and read people’s crazy commentary.

And it was.  Fucking crazy.

Parenting is a hard gig, Bitches.  Especially when you are out in a crowded public place with more than one child.  Even with one child.  Yet we go to these places with the hope that our kids will learn something new, appreciate things they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see and because staying at home with your children all the time would put most of us over the edge.

Is it possible that this is a good mom who had the shittiest day of her entire life?  Obviously, yes.  Kids are fucking ninjas sometimes.  They can escape our view and get swallowed up so easily in a crowd.  It’s terrifying.

Did the zoo officials make the right call?  I think they did.  Male gorillas can be extremely aggressive and unpredictable.  The child was in danger, and they acted to save him from further injury.

But here is my take on the whole situation:

Have you guys watched the video?  The mom can be heard saying “I love you” to the kid in the background as if she just dropped him off for a weekend at his grandparents.

And that is the part that is making wonder what in the fuck is wrong with her.  Not was she negligent.  Not how did her kid slip away…because we all know how that happens.  It doesn’t take much.

But I keep thinking; your kid is in an enclosure getting dragged around by some big ape, and how are you not freaking the fuck out?  How is she not screaming for help?  How is NOBODY trying to get in there to distract the gorilla and save the kid?

Instead, everyone is standing around taking video on their cellphones.

What the ever living fuck?

My other thought, beside how it was even possible for a child to get in there in the first lace ( good job Cincinnati Zoo) is how it took over ten minutes for the zoo officials to take action. There was a child in danger.  There should have been an immediate emergency plan put into place.  Situations like this, however unlikely they are to occur, demand a previously planned emergency response that doesn’t take 10 minutes to implement.  That kid might not have had 10 minutes.

So.  My reaction is more about the non reaction.  I don’t get it.  Fuck ups for everybody, but at least the kid is okay.

And as an animal lover, I am sad this beautiful beast had to lose his life.  My mixed feelings about zoos is a post for another day though.

What is your reaction, Bitches?