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Month: June, 2016

Listen Ted. Stop Being An Asshole And Just Go To The Fucking Parade Already



Canada has been kinda smug lately about how we treat our LGBTQ community so much better than the United States do.

But you know what?

We’ve still got our fair share of Bigoted, Bible Thumping, Hiding Behind Jesusers up here too.  And they love politics just as much as those possum-fucking losers in the American Bible Belt.

Why am I picking on the Christians?  Because we are a right bunch of assholes sometimes.

The latest controversy is over the refusal of a Member of Parliament, Ted Falk, to attend the Pride celebrations and parade in a town called Steinbach.  Steinbach is in the heart of a deeply Mennonite community where it is no secret how they feel about gay marriage.

Yes.  I know that the Bible says something about “man shall not lay with man”  or something along those lines.  But I’m pretty sure he also told us that there was a limit on how many slaves you could own and how you’re not allowed to touch a woman when she’s having her period.   By the way, it also has a list of 10 Ways Not To Be An Asshole.   Otherwise known as the 10 Commandments.  There’s a biggie in there about loving your neighbour as yourself.  Check it out sometime.

Here’s my biggest problem with all of this.  Canada is not actually a Christian country.  There are a great many of us who are indeed Christian.  Some of them support LGBTQ rights and some use their faith as an excuse to continue to spread hatred.  But as a Member of Parliament, you must leave your personal beliefs at the door, and support the laws of this country.  You are welcome to try and influence and change laws, but you must uphold the rights of all the citizens.

And unfortunately, Ted Falk, the law is not on your side here.  Bigotry is something that should not be tolerated in any capacity from a Member of Parliament, and I would suggest that your personal belief system is getting in your way of doing your job.

The other problem I have is that I think bigots like Ted Falk here make some sort of weird assumption that a Pride parade and celebration is some sort of recruitment drive.

Honey, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? The gays don’t want you.  There is a standard of fabulousness required that I just don’t think you could ever live up to.

Rather, the Pride celebrations are supposed to be a celebration of not having to hide yourself.  A celebration of being able to love freely who you love without having to fear arrest or abuse.  Clearly, we aren’t there yet, but we are a far cry from those days in New York City where the police raided the Stonewall Inn.  The Pride celebrations around the world are a reminder of this event, and how far we have come in accepting and loving everybody as they are, not how you interpret that they should be.

As a Christian, your job is to promote love and protect your brothers from harm. And yes, they are your brothers.  And sisters.  That’s your calling.

And as a Representative of your country, your job is to uphold and support the laws that are in place, and be present in a official capacity as needed in your community.  And newsflash:  Part of the population that your represent is LGBTQ.

Out of all the laws in the Bible, I don’t understand why we’re allowed to ignore all the other ones from the Old Testament and yet this one is like the Golden Fucking Rule.

I mean, we’re also not supposed to eat shellfish.  Do you take  stand on this, Ted, and refuse to enter any restaurant that has shrimp on the menu?  I mean, how are you supposed to support these blasphemous eaters of shellfish, when God has explicitly said not too?

How can you stand by and watch your children run and hug their mother or cousin who got her period this morning?  The filth!

And how can I, good Christian woman that I am, stand by idly while you clearly don’t love your neighbour as yourself?

I can’t.  Neither should anybody else.

Your values aren’t the only values that matter in this country.  And so, as a member of our Federal Government, you need to find a way to get past your bigoted, hypocritical “value” system and do your fucking job.

Stop making Jesus look bad by using Him as an excuse to act like a dick.  Just go to the fucking parade already.  Wear a rainbow, have a beer and no promises, but I’m pretty sure no one is going to gay rape you.

That was actually the Catholic Church…but that’s a whole other post.


I’ll Get Off My Phone When You Get Off Your High Horse

How come every time I read an article about some kid that acted like a dick on the playground, there’s always some comment like “that parent needs to get off their phone and pay attention….”

How about you get off your high horse and I’ll think about getting off my phone?

Look.  Kids are assholes sometimes.  They have no gift of foresight and therefore very little success at predicting consequences to their actions.  They are impulsive and impatient and have a difficult time waiting their turn.

They each play differently.  There are different dynamics in each household depending on how many kids there are, the parent’s work situation, each individual’s values and beliefs.

And here’s a news flash:  Your rules are not necessarily my rules.

Sure, hitting and pushing and cutting are not acceptable and they are addressed.

But if you’re gonna get all wet because someone elses kid is climbing up the slide versus just sliding down, that’s not on my hit list.  Sure, the slide is designed to go down, but I like to see kids think and play outside the box.  I like to see my kids play creatively and try things out because they like to explore all the possibilities.

And 9 times out of 10, the kids will work shit out on their own.

And 10 times out of 10, if my kids or yours is acting like a right asshole, it has nothing to do with me returning an email or a text to a client.

Remember when we were kids, and our parents just kicked us out of the house to play and called us in for dinner?  Remember when our toys weren’t allowed to be strewn all over and we had to find a way to entertain ourselves and solve our own problems once in a while?

Do you remember how our parents managed to stay out of our assholes long enough keep the house clean and cook real meals and NOT play with us all the time?

And do you remember how smart phones didn’t exist then?

I take my kids to parks and indoor play attractions all the time.  And part of the reason I am able to do that is because I am self employed and choose the hours that I work.  And unfortunately for all you Up The Ass style parents out there, it means that my phone comes too so I can manage a few things while I’m out and take the odd phone call.

I’m just gonna lay it on the line:  I don’t WANT to go on the play structure.  I don’t want to be crouched over or upside down or sit down on the slide and get dirt all over my pants.  I’ll push you on a swing and maybe even swing myself, but I don’t go to the park to play.

I go so my kids can play.  I go to tire them out.  I go in hopes that they might meet other kids to play with and learn how to interact with them independently.  I go to give myself a break from being climbed on or nagged or needed every second.  And sometimes, I check my phone.  Sometimes that might coincide with my kid acting like a dick.

And then, Bitches, I put my fucking phone away and address what needs addressing.

I feel like the internet is just one big parental bullying ground.  Every time I turn on the computer, I am reading about another way I am doing it wrong and about some tight ass dickwad explaining how everything I do is fucking up my kids.  Every choice I make makes me a shittier parent than I felt like before.

So yeah.  How about you guys worry about that high horse you’re stuck on, and I’ll worry about everything else.


I Just Want To Facepalm This Entire Day



OMG you guys.

You know who swears a lot?  Maybe more than me?


You know who doesn’t give an actual  fuck about that?


I seriously just wasted about 3 minutes of my life reading about Adele’s use of the word fuck during her latest appearance.

33 times apparently.

How is this breaking news?  I mean, I just swore 33 times in the last 5 minutes, and that’s not even including the names I called half the people I know inside my head.

Oh and of course,  people have gotten on their social media chariots of battle to declare their disapproval of her foul language.

Give me a break already.  Find something in your life that is meaningful and satisfying and stop wasting your fucks on stupid bullshit pieces of news that aren’t even news.

God.  I am so annoyed by this.  Everybody is so fucking offended by everything all the time.

If you want to be offended by some piece of shit molester of children who lives in your neighbourhood, good.  Go complain about that.

Upset that you have some fucktrumpet douchecanoe trying to prevent women from succeeding in the workplace?  Fine.  Go have a cow about that, burn your bra and show that asshole what it means to be a girl.

Be offended by things that matter.  Be offended by things that impact our daily lives.

But if you feel like it is necessary to complain about the fact that someone takes full advantage of the many uses of the word fuck, then you clearly have too much time on your hands and should find a new hobby.  Like dick eating.

I swear a lot.  More than the average person.   It is the way I chose to express myself, like how some people die their hair purple or pierce all their bits or write songs or whatever.

If you don’t like it, fuck off.  Seriously.  I am offended by your bullshit and your wadded up panties.  By you inability to just get a life and give shit a rest already.

Seriously people.  There is so much wrong in this word that needs fixing, and you’re concerned with Adele’s vocabulary?

That fat fuck in North Korea is testing nuclear bombs again, the world economy is about to spiral thanks to the ignorant racism of 52 % of Britain’s population, and people living on reservations in Canada still can’t even get clean drinking water.

But at least their language is clean, so good for them.

I just want to facepalm this entire fucking day already.



Body Confident Challenge: Name 5 Things You Love About Your Body


I just read this article on Huffington Post this morning about women’s body confidence.

And the thing that stood out to me was that only 22% of women in Canada feel confident about their body.


I know it’s a little early for math, but Bitches, that means that 78%, or more than 3/4 of us girls don’t feel good about ourselves.

That’s a staggering statistic.

The above article suggests that the media is to blame, and it is.  It’s to blame because of all the unrealistic images plastered across our screens.  It’s because of all the filtered photos we post of ourselves on social media, where we try as hard as we can to look perfect before sharing our lives.  It’s because of all the airbrushed celebrities and supermodels gracing the red carpets and magazine covers.


Those things can only penetrate into your brain if you let it.

Parents:  We need to start leading by example and loving ourselves better in our current state.  We need to be more careful about the language we use in front of our children so that they don’t believe the most important thing about them is the shape of their body or colour of their hair. We need to stop planting the seed that beauty is only something to be measured on the outside. We need to show love and acceptance for ourselves no matter what shape it happens to be. We just need to stop all trying to be the same.

And yes.  I am like every other woman out there who sometimes mourns her pre-baby body.  I, like ever other woman, diet from time to time.  I, like every other woman see things in the mirror that I don’t like, and wish to change.

And I think all of those things are normal.  It’s ok to recognize if I have been eating in an unhealthy way and want to gain control of that.  It’s ok to recognize I can take better physical care of myself and become stronger and healthier.

But what’s not ok is beating ourselves up because we don’t all fit into the same mold.

Stop trying to fit into a round hole if you are a square peg. If you are built like bull mastiff, don’t feel bad that you don’t look like a chihuahua.

22%.  Jesus.  What the fuck, you guys?

We need to turn this around.  Can you all find 5 things you love about yourself and tell me about them?  I want to hear you love yourself openly.

It’s not bragging.  It’s ok to have nice things to say about yourself.  And then find 5 nice things to say about someone near you.

Because 22% is just bullshit.  No matter what your body looks like, no matter if you are growing, shrinking, or anything in between, you are beautiful and simply on the same journey that every other woman is on.

I’ll start:

  1. Tits for days, Bitches.   I have great tits.
  2. I have great posture.  It makes me stand tall and never back down.
  3. Super steroid eyelashes.  No mascara needed.
  4. I have really strong arms and shoulders.
  5. My ass don’t quit.  *mic drop*

Seriously.  Bloggers:  I want your list of five reasons to feel good about your body.  Make your list, ping back here. Include a photo so we can all find 5 nice things to say about you in return. Link to social media, and let’s make this a thing.  A giant body confident “I am beautiful” circle jerk.

Because. Fuck. Yeah.

I want that 22 % to become 122%.



Bitches, It’s Time For A Global Village



The other day I was doing some thrift shopping.  I love thrift shopping.  We have a ton of second hand stores here, from the Salvation Army Thrift Stores to a place called Value Village or some of the trendy vintage stores in the village near downtown.

We sure as hell aren’t rich, but we aren’t exactly poor either.  The thing I personally like about thrift shopping for the kids is that children’s stuff is so  expensive and they go through it so damn quickly.  And so often you can find second hand, brand name things that are in perfect condition at like 10-20% of what they would cost brand new.

Anyway, this woman was in front of me in line with her two young boys.  She was taking a long time at the register, and today I had nowhere to be.  So I eavesdropped while pretending to look at my phone.

She was asking very nicely, and almost a little desperately, if the cashier could make an exception and include a couple items in some sort of special sale even they weren’t technically part of it.  It would end up saving her maybe 3.00$ in total.

This woman was clearly not being an asshole.  She was not in that store looking for a deal on an Esprit sweater or Kenneth Cole coat.  She was in there because her two sons needed some new t shirts and she was trying to get as much as she could with the cash in her pocket.

I didn’t think the cashier was gonna do it.  She had that typical “I don’t give a shit” attitude that so many of us get when a customer is making the transaction anything less than smooth.

I pulled out my wallet, ready to pay the difference.  3.00$ for me means I skip that coffee one day, but for her, it means she loses a piece of her pride.

In the end, the cashier let her have the deal, and I didn’t step in.  It’s a fine line…wanting to help but not wanting to embarrass someone.

When I told Husband about it later, he asked how come I cared so much about that woman in the store.

And you know why I cared so much?  Because I could identify with her, as another woman and as another mother.  I looked at her shoes that were falling apart and knew that she would wear them until she was literally walking on pavement through the soles before she would let her boys go without.  Without ever speaking to her, I felt connected to her as a mother because the love she has for her kids is the same love I have for mine.

We are lucky to have people in our lives that have and would always make sure that our kids had what they needed, even if we couldn’t provide it for them.  Not everyone is so lucky.

But on a deeper level, I just feel that moms should support one another in whatever capacity they are able, whether they are a stranger or not.  Can’t we all just be a part of a global village that is Motherhood?  Can’t we all recognize one another and love one another enough so that no mom ever feels unable to get through the day?


See one another. Notice one another. Take care of one another.  Let  motherhood bond us together instead of dragging us apart because of differing methods of feeding or sleeping or diapering or disciplining.  Recognize one anothers efforts and let all the other shit go.

Just let it go.

For My Dad


My dad is the Father of All Fathers.

He did it all and still does it all.

Through his example, he taught me to work hard, but play hard.  Be smart, but humble.  Do the right thing, but don’t take any shit.

He taught me to stand up for myself and anyone who needs standing up for.  That if someone starts a fight with me, to be the one who finishes it.

He showed me to be loyal and patient…even if I’m still working on the patient side.

He reminded me that there is nothing that is out of my reach…except a few things on the top shelf.

He reminded me that honesty is best.

He taught me how to drive a boat and a car.  How to bait a hook and filet a fish.

He is steady and strong, and the most honourable person I know. I am so lucky to have him.

And so today I wish him a Happy Father’s Day, and wish that for once he would put himself first, but know that he never will.

I love you Dad.  More than you’ll ever know.

If Your Kid Is Fasting, Should That Mean No Pizza For My Kid Either?


My girlfriend posted on Facebook the other day about her child’s class missing out on all the celebrating during the school year due to the religious beliefs of 2 students in the class.

Every other classroom in the school has had special parties or celebrations throughout the year for all the bullshit holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day.  Her daughters class has missed out, because the teacher felt like it was inappropriate to have two children unable to participate.

Fast forward to end of year celebrations.  There is no pagan rituals or Christian things that are being celebrated.  The tradition at this school is for the classes to have each have an end of year pizza party for the kids.  Her daughter’s class is again being left out, because the two aforementioned kids are fasting due to Ramadan and would be unable to have pizza with the other kids.

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy this “building a community” line bullshit that the teacher is towing.  This is dividing a community.  The kids in this classroom are just gonna resent the 2 that have basically rained on their parade all year long.  Instead of having two kids left out, they now have 20, because the entire school is participating in all of these events while this class has to go without because of the religion of two kids.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand that the teacher is trying to be sensitive to all beliefs, but in the process they are dismissing the needs of the majority of the kids in the room.

One of the comments on the thread was what do the two fasting kids do during lunch?  Do all of the kids now have to skip lunch so that that those two don’t get jealous?

I’m so fucking irritated about this and it’s not even my kid involved.

This is North America.  We are supposed to respect everyone’s belief and cultures.  The way to promote community is to expose the kids to everybody’s culture and beliefs and help them to understand one anothers beliefs.  Spend some time at the end of the year on what Ramadan is.  Help the kids understand why the some kids are fasting and what it means to them.  And then have the fucking pizza party for everybody, and if you’re fasting come and play but don’t eat pizza.  Or if that is just too hard on Little Johnny Faster, then the parents can have the option of keeping them home that day.

I just feel that if we aren’t allowed to recognize any religious holiday and have it influence the activities in the school, why are they allowing the religious beliefs of two kids dictate the activities in the classroom?

I mean, what if one of the Christian kids decided to give up electronics for Lent?  Would the teacher then stop using the white board or ban computer lab for the entire class because of the one child’s beliefs?  Likely not.  If it wasn’t Ramadan and they were having pizza, would all the pizzas have no bacon or pepperoni because many Muslims don’t eat pork?  Likely not….they would just request a cheese pizza.

And yes.  I understand that these parties are not part of the curriculum.  But they are a fun thing at school that kids look forward too, and sometimes its important to just let kids have fun in a learning environment too.

In my opinion, a better solution would be for a teacher or the school  to send out a list of all “special events” that occur during the year, and then allow parents to make the decision about whether or not their child can participate.  Simple as that.

If we’re being respectful of the beliefs and traditions of everybody, it should include the majority as well, right?

What do you think, Bitches?



I Go To Work Because Nobody Calls Me Momma There


Hats off to all of you stay at home moms.  HATS OFF.

I am 3 days into my summer “holidays” and yesterday I almost put both kids up for sale.

It is emotionally, physically and all out exhausting to entertain, mediate and keep two preschoolers alive for an entire day.   And then push repeat and do it all over again.

The morning is usually the best part.  I make a couple of chocolate milks, and shove an Ipad at each of them while we have breakfast.  I have a bath after I blog and I’ll tell you a little secret:

I started blow-drying my hair about six months ago. 

Not for my vanity, but for my SANITY.

I started using the hair dryer in the morning because it means that for 15 minutes I can’t hear them.  I can’t hear them whine.  I can’t hear them fight.  I can’t hear them at all.

If I had one dollar for every time I heard “Momma!!!!”  I would own my own private island and the kids would be the nanny’s problem. It’s so exasperating.

And anything I do in the house that doesn’t involve the hair dryer  becomes a homing beacon for the kids to come over and climb on me or shout in my ear or fight and be utter assholes in any way possible as long as they make it impossible for me to complete my task.

So I also go to work because nobody calls me “Momma” there.  And if the day comes where someone does, the vagina punching will start because I go there on purpose to not hear the “Momma” on repeat every 7 seconds.

I actually pick up extra shifts at my part time gig because it makes me a better parent when I go home.  Not full time, but just enough to get me out of the house regularly with other grownups and earn extra spending money so that I can pay for fun things for them to do in the summer.

Also so that there is plenty of wine in the fridge.  Priorities people. Know them.  Acknowledge them.

So, yeah.  When I get sick of hearing the word “Momma” and need a time out, I blow dry my hair and go mix margaritas for thirsty people.

What is your escape plan, Bitches?


Vaccine Shedding Is Kinda Like The Incredible Hulk

It’s been a while since we talked about vaccines.   Then I went and read some other article on Scary Mommy and made the mistake of going through the comments section.

I’m not an expert, I don’t have a PhD.  I have a basic understanding of the complicated science that is immunology, a degree in science (Zoology) and experience in a field that helped develop vaccines to protect us against bioterrorism.

But I believe that my greatest asset is not being gullible and smart enough to wade through all the ridiculous anti-vaxx websites and instead stick to peer reviewed, actual medical literature.

Today, I was looking into vaccine shedding, which seems to be the latest excuses for not vaccinating kids against diseases that at best can make our children very, very sick, and at worst can cause permanent disability and even death.

Vaccine shedding is the idea that once a person is vaccinated, they can then shed virus in their stool, or other bodily fluids.  Under normal circumstances when you get sick, you pass along infections and share your cold or flu by shedding virus in these fluids onto surfaces or the air and the next person comes along and picks it  up.

When a patient is vaccinated, it looks like in some cases they can shed a small amount of virus in their stool or even breast milk. So, there is a small amount of truth in what the claims are.


First of all, this would only apply to “live” virus vaccines, like MMR.

Second of all, the virus is attenuated, which means that it is weakened and generally unable to make you sick.  They are injecting the stuff into a person’s body, so obviously it is not a fully functional bug that can make you ill. The whole point of a vaccine is to convince your body to have an immune response and create antibodies against a disease so that you are further protected against future exposures, without making you sick.

And it doesn’t suddenly come out of your ass after vaccination and say “Well, I survived that, so now I am Super Measles, Destroyer of the Universe and Made By Big Pharma In Order to Conquer The World.”

It’s a weakened form of a virus that could have made you seriously ill, and it’s possible that some of it can shed through your system for a couple of weeks.  From what I can find, there is no scientifically documented case of human to human transmission of a shed virus post vaccination.  There is simply the claims of a bunch of people looking for any and every reason to try and convince themselves that they are right.

Third of all, if you all were fucking vaccinated, you wouldn’t have to worry about catching the damn measles virus from a vaccinated person shedding all their horrible, practically dead germs at you anyway.

Anti-Vaxxers rely on the idea of herd immunity to keep them from getting sick….but what if we all just believed them one day and nobody vaccinated?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to inundate our already struggling healthcare system with treating measles and polio and and small pox again?

I bet we’ll all be shedding some viruses in our shit then, won’t we gang?


Anyway, the best analogy I can think of regarding vaccine shedding is like this:

You have let’s say, a super pissed off Incredible Hulk loose in the world.  (Have you seen the Avengers, Age of Ultron?  Watch the scene with the Hulk and Ironman in the Hulkbuster suit.  They do some serious damage.)

So the Hulk is the disease, and Ironman is modern medicine.  When Hulk is loose and out of control, he sorta fucks up the world.  Hurts everyone he comes in contact with.

And then eventually, Ironman finds a way to knock him out.  Sleeping Hulk.  Still alive, still potentially could roll over and squish you, but highly unlikely .

So imagine that the virus shedding off a vaccinated person is the unconscious Hulk.  You can understand why people are a little leery of him due to the damage he is capable of doing in his regular, active state.

But when he is sleeping, or better yet, turned back into Dr. Banner…although still alive he is pretty harmless.  Dr. Banner can’t really hurt.  The other form of himself could, but not the controlled other version of Hulk.

That’s what the real live version of, say,  the real smallpox virus versus the shed virus post vaccination would be like.  (Oversimplified, yes, but I’m looking for an easily relatable analogy here.)

I just want people to stop grasping at straws and taking half truths about scientific things they don’t understand nearly as much as they think  they do and trust that their doctors are not actually trying to kill them.  We tend to take bits of information and read into them however we want in order to make ourselves believe that it proves something.

Science proves things.  Let the scientists do the proving.  And if you want to do the proving and experiments, then go get a PhD and make your thesis about fucking vaccine shedding.

Or Hulkbusting.

And once your theories are proved and published in peer reviewed journals of medicine, then we can talk.

Until then, find another crusade…like teaching your kids not to shoot people, or vegetariansim, or whatever.  Or become an expert at the ukelele and try to heal the word with music.  I don’t care. Just stop getting in the way of things that don’t need your help.


A Day In The Life Of The Twee Destroyer And Buddy, In Photos.


I take a ton of pictures of my kids.  A TON.  I post them all over Facebook and don’t give a shit about my mild narcissism.  I want to remember, Bitches.  I want to remember all the things that happened just on regular days and be able to go back 20 years from now when they are grownups and still think about all the silly, simple everyday things we used to do, all the crappy crafts I made, and how much they loved me in spite of it all.

And then I realized that maybe I should be in some of those photos, so that they can remember too.  I want to capture every single moment I can, because there is no magic pause button.  And in spite of all my wishes, it is going by way too fast.  I’ve barely started to get my shit together as a parent and one of them is starting kindergarten this fall.  These pictures are the closest thing I’ll have to a time machine.

So, I hired a photographer to follow us around and take candid, unposed shots of us for an afternoon.  A “docutographer”, and a damn good one. It was the best money I’ve spent lately.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but its also worth a thousand memories.

We just had a normal day…planted the kids garden:


and just normal, everyday stuff.


We actually remembered to practice that day, despite the company:


And also remembered to have a tantrum about something or other…..because she is clearly hard done by and has NO toys to play with AT ALL:


But also managed to have a few laughs along the way:


And possibly the most beautiful, incredible photo of my daughter that I have to date….a little girl staring at something wonderful outside, deep in thought.  God I love her.


This was the best money I have ever spent.  On anything.  I want to hold these moments close to me forever and ever.

If anybody wants to get a hold of our photographer, you can do so here.

My heart is full, Bitches.


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Meet Jax a funny, kind, and smart preschooler who was a micro-preemie born at 23 weeks. Now that Jax is older, the scariness of the NICU has faded, but we're still learning how to manage the lasting effects of prematurity including chronic medical issues, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is our story of love, hope, and survival.

Writings From Dr. Oolie's Pond

Poetry, Prose, and Random Thoughts

You're Wrong and That's Okay

Helping those who should really learn to help themselves...

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