Sending My Kid To French Immersion School Makes Me Selfish? What?

by Cookie


With my Twee Destroyer of Hearts starting kindergarten in the fall, this article from the Globe and Mail caught my eye.  It’s called:

There’s just one problem with French immersion … well, several, actually

Despite the fact that this article is a bunch of crybaby judgemental bullshit, I guess you should read it.

As a parent, I have made the decision that my kids are going to French Immersion.  I didn’t bat an eye about it. I went to french immersion schools as a child, and think its was one of the best decisions my parents made.  I figure if the opportunity is available in my community, why would I pass this chance up for my kids?

But OF COURSE, some fucking bitch has to go and get up everyone’s ass about it. About whether or not parents should give their kid the opportunity to learn a second language. Let’s address a few of the things stated in her article:

  1. “For many parents, French immersion is a way to game the system. It filters out the kids with behavioural problems and special needs, along with the low achievers”

First of all, this isn’t the case.  Bestie herself works in a French immersion school with children who have special needs and behavioural problems.  Children are tiny little sponges, so despite their behavioural issues, they will pick up the language anyway… which is why we are seeing more and more kids with special considerations in the immersion program.

2. “it’s a form of streaming……this selfish but entirely natural parental tendency…”

Seriously?  Is she still talking about how it’s not fair that there are less kids with extra needs in the classrooms?  And I am selfish to put my kids in these schools because of it?  How about you do me a favour honey, and reach around to take that stick out of your ass?

How does my decision to give my child the chance to learn how to speak and write in two languages possibly make me selfish?  I’m sorry that more parents of special needs kids don’t choose to give their kids this opportunity, but maybe they feel like they have enough challenges ahead of them.  Or maybe the parent feels like they have enough on their plate without adding the extra obstacle of a second language.  Or MAYBE, a child who is non verbal and struggling to communicate in any way possible doesn’t need the confusion of another language.

And MAYBE, none of this shit matters. Because what matters is that we offer all children the best opportunities we can, and we as parents make the best decisions we can for OUR OWN children.  And I’m sorry, I do not think it’s selfish for me to let my children do something just because others kids can’t.  Should we cease to offer enrichment programs for kids who are over achievers because how dare we nurture talent?  Or if one child breaks their leg and isn’t able to participate in gym class, does that mean that the whole class should sit out so nobody feels left out?  Is it selfish of me to expect that my kid still gets some physical educations despite little Johnny’s broken leg?

   3.”Most French-immersion students are from affluent, high-achieving families”

Well I am certainly not affluent.  And my neighbourhood isn’t affluent.  We are a working class community with many immigrant families, brand new to this country. Most of the homes are modest, and nobody is driving Porsches here.  So fuck off with your generalizations.

4.“Sadly, there’s not the slightest shred of evidence that French immersion has accomplished any of its lofty goals.”

She is referring to Pierre Trudeau’s vision of a truly bilingual country.  I kinda don’t care.  What I do care about is my child’s opportunity to learn a second language.  If that contributes to a country that respectfully recognizes two official languages, then great.  If it doesn’t, what is it hurting?

I guess what got me all hot about this article was that it was one more way that someone somewhere is trying to influence parent’s decisions regarding their children.  So, thank you, Globe and Mail, for allowing a mom shaming article to grace your pages.  Thank you once again for causing parents to second guess themselves.  Thank you for insulting every parent who ever tried to give their kid a chance to do something cool that may or may not help them later in life.  Thanks for letting some bitch call me selfish for doing what I feel is the right thing for my kid. Thanks for making moms of special needs kids feel further ostracized by making them feel like burdens on the system, and complaining how this burden needs to be divided more evenly.  Thanks for implying that anyone who goes to a French Immersion school is a rich snobby asshole who doesn’t give a lick about anyone but their own family.

Maybe you got one part right.  The part where I don’t care what decision other people make with their kids because I DON”T GET A SAY IN THAT.  I get a say in what happens with my own kids, and that’s it.

So, I don’t actually give a fuck if you send your kid to English school, or French Immersion, or fucking Elvish.

Just send them to school.  OK?