I Have A Proposal For The Judge Who Sentenced Brock Turner

by Cookie



By now you have all heard of that fucking little piece of steamy shit named Brock Turner.  The wonderful competitive swimmer who sexually assaulted a young woman at a party while she was unconscious.

If you don’t know the details of what happened, you need to read this article RIGHT NOW. ALL of you.  Especially if you are a man.

Just to clear things up, this is not a case of “he said she said”.  This is not a question of whether or not consensual sex happened.  If you are a man, and you are confused about that, let me break it down for you:

  1. If the girl is unconscious, she did not consent.
  2. If the girl is unconscious, she did not like it.
  3. If the girl is so drunk that she doesn’t remember anything the next day, she did not consent.
  4. If you feel like the only place she will have sex with you is in an alley behind a dumpster, and she is fucking unconscious, she did not consent and she did not like it.
  5. If the girl is bleeding on any part of her body, it hurts and she wants you to stop, even if she is unconscious and can’t verbalize that.
  6. If a girl is so drunk that she cannot speak a full, coherent sentence, she did not consent.
  7. If you feel like you need to run away when two strangers come to her rescue, you KNOW THAT SHE DID NOT CONSENT AND YOU ARE A LIAR.
  8. Sticking your finger in someone’s vagina when they did not consent is rape.
  9. Dry humping an unconscious woman behind a dumspter while fingering her is not only pathetic and disgusting, it IS RAPE.
  10. You are a disgusting and pathetic excuse for a human being and your mother, whether she will admit it or not, is ashamed of you.  She is wondering how she failed you.

And to the Judge, who had more concern with the impact raping an unconscious girl would have on the rapist than on the victim, I have a proposal for you, so that the next time there is a rape trial in your courtroom you may have better clarity in your sentencing;

I propose that you “allow ” yourself to be assaulted in the same manner this young girl was.  Get drunk, pass out, and let somebody finger your asshole while rubbing their hard dick all over you.  Make sure it reaches the news, and that your learn of all the details of your assault through the media.  Make sure to treasure the whole rape kit process and keep those photos that they took of your genitals for evidence as a keepsake.

Figure out how long it takes to stop “impacting” your life.

Then subject your rapist to a sentence that matches your own.  Let him out of prison when you are let out of your prison.  When it stops hurting…..not your asshole…..but your heart.

I suspect your rapist will be in jail a lot longer than six months.

I’m super sorry that this young man fucked up his life by being an asshole.  But he made that choice, and the person he was before he did this horrible thing is gone.  He is a rapist now.  You cannot base his sentence on who he was before.  He doesn’t get special consideration because he was a nice young white dude who can swim fast.

He did not get “20 minutes of action”.  He spent 20 minutes raping a girl and would have spent longer if two other guys hadn’t stepped in, like REAL men, and saved her from further harm.

So what do you think, Your “Honour”?  Gonna take me up on my proposal?

Yeah.  That’s what I thought.