50 People

by Cookie

I don’t normally post on Sundays, but holy fuck some asshole went into a gay nightclub in Florida and shot over a hundred people last night.  50 of them have died.

This post isn’t about gun accessibility or whether or not people should be able to own firearms.

This post is a plea to every mother out there to please teach their children to love and respect other people.  This is a plea to all fathers to teach their kids that everyone is entitled to their beliefs or lifestyles or to simply be who they are, and that we solve problems through conversations and love and understanding.

Those of us who live in North America need to get off our fucking high horses and stop walking around like our shit doesn’t stink.  Here we are going overseas and trying wage a “War on Terror”  that we perpetuate in our own damn backyard.  I don’t care if today’s tragedy is linked to ISIS or not.  We do this to people in our own country all the fucking time.

We are just as bad as the terrorists that politicians have Trumped up (pun intended) to be so dangerous and monstrous.   We do horrible things to one another every day.

We judge people because of who they love.  We attack people for who they are, or used to be, or who their parents were.  We abuse folks simply because they have a different skin colour or faith.

We waste our time caring about who is in the fucking bathroom.

We make up things to be angry about because we feel insecure about the choices we have made, and if that guy is wrong, it must make me right.

And meanwhile, while all this bullshit is happening, 50 young men and women lost their lives because of what I can only imagine was the grossest, most evil form of bigotry that exists.  Somebody didn’t like gay people, and felt that their life had no value.

But it had value to somebody.  Each and every one of those people had parents or sisters or brothers or children.  Somebody loved them.

It’s a pretty sick word where the hatred of one fucking asshole trumps the love of 50 people’s friends and family.

So parents, you are the strongest weapon against hate that is out there.  You have the opportunity to change an ENTIRE generation, by teaching your kids to love others because of your differences, and embrace diversity.  Kids aren’t born assholes, somebody has to teach them that along the way.

Gay, straight, black, white, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Muslim, everybody is worthy of love and to live freely without having to be afraid somebody will hate them simply because they are different.

This is such bullshit.  Don’t be an asshole.