A Day In The Life Of The Twee Destroyer And Buddy, In Photos.

by Cookie


I take a ton of pictures of my kids.  A TON.  I post them all over Facebook and don’t give a shit about my mild narcissism.  I want to remember, Bitches.  I want to remember all the things that happened just on regular days and be able to go back 20 years from now when they are grownups and still think about all the silly, simple everyday things we used to do, all the crappy crafts I made, and how much they loved me in spite of it all.

And then I realized that maybe I should be in some of those photos, so that they can remember too.  I want to capture every single moment I can, because there is no magic pause button.  And in spite of all my wishes, it is going by way too fast.  I’ve barely started to get my shit together as a parent and one of them is starting kindergarten this fall.  These pictures are the closest thing I’ll have to a time machine.

So, I hired a photographer to follow us around and take candid, unposed shots of us for an afternoon.  A “docutographer”, and a damn good one. It was the best money I’ve spent lately.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but its also worth a thousand memories.

We just had a normal day…planted the kids garden:


and just normal, everyday stuff.


We actually remembered to practice that day, despite the company:


And also remembered to have a tantrum about something or other…..because she is clearly hard done by and has NO toys to play with AT ALL:


But also managed to have a few laughs along the way:


And possibly the most beautiful, incredible photo of my daughter that I have to date….a little girl staring at something wonderful outside, deep in thought.  God I love her.


This was the best money I have ever spent.  On anything.  I want to hold these moments close to me forever and ever.

If anybody wants to get a hold of our photographer, you can do so here.

My heart is full, Bitches.