For My Dad

by Cookie


My dad is the Father of All Fathers.

He did it all and still does it all.

Through his example, he taught me to work hard, but play hard.  Be smart, but humble.  Do the right thing, but don’t take any shit.

He taught me to stand up for myself and anyone who needs standing up for.  That if someone starts a fight with me, to be the one who finishes it.

He showed me to be loyal and patient…even if I’m still working on the patient side.

He reminded me that there is nothing that is out of my reach…except a few things on the top shelf.

He reminded me that honesty is best.

He taught me how to drive a boat and a car.  How to bait a hook and filet a fish.

He is steady and strong, and the most honourable person I know. I am so lucky to have him.

And so today I wish him a Happy Father’s Day, and wish that for once he would put himself first, but know that he never will.

I love you Dad.  More than you’ll ever know.