Body Confident Challenge: Name 5 Things You Love About Your Body

by Cookie


I just read this article on Huffington Post this morning about women’s body confidence.

And the thing that stood out to me was that only 22% of women in Canada feel confident about their body.


I know it’s a little early for math, but Bitches, that means that 78%, or more than 3/4 of us girls don’t feel good about ourselves.

That’s a staggering statistic.

The above article suggests that the media is to blame, and it is.  It’s to blame because of all the unrealistic images plastered across our screens.  It’s because of all the filtered photos we post of ourselves on social media, where we try as hard as we can to look perfect before sharing our lives.  It’s because of all the airbrushed celebrities and supermodels gracing the red carpets and magazine covers.


Those things can only penetrate into your brain if you let it.

Parents:  We need to start leading by example and loving ourselves better in our current state.  We need to be more careful about the language we use in front of our children so that they don’t believe the most important thing about them is the shape of their body or colour of their hair. We need to stop planting the seed that beauty is only something to be measured on the outside. We need to show love and acceptance for ourselves no matter what shape it happens to be. We just need to stop all trying to be the same.

And yes.  I am like every other woman out there who sometimes mourns her pre-baby body.  I, like ever other woman, diet from time to time.  I, like every other woman see things in the mirror that I don’t like, and wish to change.

And I think all of those things are normal.  It’s ok to recognize if I have been eating in an unhealthy way and want to gain control of that.  It’s ok to recognize I can take better physical care of myself and become stronger and healthier.

But what’s not ok is beating ourselves up because we don’t all fit into the same mold.

Stop trying to fit into a round hole if you are a square peg. If you are built like bull mastiff, don’t feel bad that you don’t look like a chihuahua.

22%.  Jesus.  What the fuck, you guys?

We need to turn this around.  Can you all find 5 things you love about yourself and tell me about them?  I want to hear you love yourself openly.

It’s not bragging.  It’s ok to have nice things to say about yourself.  And then find 5 nice things to say about someone near you.

Because 22% is just bullshit.  No matter what your body looks like, no matter if you are growing, shrinking, or anything in between, you are beautiful and simply on the same journey that every other woman is on.

I’ll start:

  1. Tits for days, Bitches.   I have great tits.
  2. I have great posture.  It makes me stand tall and never back down.
  3. Super steroid eyelashes.  No mascara needed.
  4. I have really strong arms and shoulders.
  5. My ass don’t quit.  *mic drop*

Seriously.  Bloggers:  I want your list of five reasons to feel good about your body.  Make your list, ping back here. Include a photo so we can all find 5 nice things to say about you in return. Link to social media, and let’s make this a thing.  A giant body confident “I am beautiful” circle jerk.

Because. Fuck. Yeah.

I want that 22 % to become 122%.