I Just Want To Facepalm This Entire Day

by Cookie



OMG you guys.

You know who swears a lot?  Maybe more than me?


You know who doesn’t give an actual  fuck about that?


I seriously just wasted about 3 minutes of my life reading about Adele’s use of the word fuck during her latest appearance.

33 times apparently.

How is this breaking news?  I mean, I just swore 33 times in the last 5 minutes, and that’s not even including the names I called half the people I know inside my head.

Oh and of course,  people have gotten on their social media chariots of battle to declare their disapproval of her foul language.

Give me a break already.  Find something in your life that is meaningful and satisfying and stop wasting your fucks on stupid bullshit pieces of news that aren’t even news.

God.  I am so annoyed by this.  Everybody is so fucking offended by everything all the time.

If you want to be offended by some piece of shit molester of children who lives in your neighbourhood, good.  Go complain about that.

Upset that you have some fucktrumpet douchecanoe trying to prevent women from succeeding in the workplace?  Fine.  Go have a cow about that, burn your bra and show that asshole what it means to be a girl.

Be offended by things that matter.  Be offended by things that impact our daily lives.

But if you feel like it is necessary to complain about the fact that someone takes full advantage of the many uses of the word fuck, then you clearly have too much time on your hands and should find a new hobby.  Like dick eating.

I swear a lot.  More than the average person.   It is the way I chose to express myself, like how some people die their hair purple or pierce all their bits or write songs or whatever.

If you don’t like it, fuck off.  Seriously.  I am offended by your bullshit and your wadded up panties.  By you inability to just get a life and give shit a rest already.

Seriously people.  There is so much wrong in this word that needs fixing, and you’re concerned with Adele’s vocabulary?

That fat fuck in North Korea is testing nuclear bombs again, the world economy is about to spiral thanks to the ignorant racism of 52 % of Britain’s population, and people living on reservations in Canada still can’t even get clean drinking water.

But at least their language is clean, so good for them.

I just want to facepalm this entire fucking day already.