I Hope There Is A Special Place In Hell For Killers Of Children

by Cookie


Last night the body of a 5 year old girl was found in a field two days after her mother’s body was found in their home.

A man that has prior convictions of cocaine trafficking has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.

No other details have been released.  We know that the victims knew the man who has allegedly killed them. We know that when the little girl was taken from the home she was still alive.  We don’t know what the motive was.

And I’ll tell you this. There is no fucking motive.

Somebody took a 5 year old little girl, after murdering her mother and killed her. 

There is no motive for that.  I don’t care if you’re sick.  I don’t care of you’re crazy.  I don’t care if the mother was a fucking bitch, or the dad owed you money or you hated the whole family. ( None of these things have been implied)

I don’t care if someone is pointing a gun at both of you and you have to make a choice about whether the child gets shot or you do.

There is some understanding, I would hope, amongst adults that we preserve the lives of the precious and young at all costs.  That we protect our tiny humans from harm whether they are your flesh and blood or someone elses.

To think that anybody could intentionally bring harm to a child makes me want to vomit.  There is nothing she could have ever done to deserve this.

My heart is heavy today friends.  Hold on tight to your little ones.  Stay away from assholes.

And to the person who did this:

I hope your soul rots in the hottest hell.  She was a CHILD.

Stop hurting each other.  Please.