by Cookie


I’ve been thinking a LOT about the whole #metoo thing.  About Harvey Weinstein.  About so many woman being victimized by men in so many different ways.

About how women are embarrassed about their vaginas.   How we treat it like a dirty word.  How we hide our periods out of shame when it is the very thing that signifies our ability to create life.

And I am so fucking annoyed.

Who gave men all this power and why do they seem to just acquire it for the simple reason that they are male?   What in the hell makes men feel like they get to hold power over us because they do the fucking?

I’ve had just about enough of the culture that has just been so accepted in the world.   Girls are things.   We are prizes to be won.  Objects to acquire.   Pets to control.

Well fuck that.

We owe it to ourselves and to the brave women who came forward to call bullshit on this behaviour to force a change upon the world.

This generation is pretty much fucked I think.  But our kids?    Maybe that’s where our real power lies.   Mothers and Fathers have the ability to teach their kids to be different.. To be better than this.   Behaviours are learned, not bred.   Our kids are watching a diseased dynamic between the adults in their lives and we need to find a cure immediately.

Sons watch the way their parents interact.  They listen to the words that are exchanged and imitate them all the time.   Fathers have an immeasurable responsibility to model to their male children what is respectful and what is not.  Mothers have the same responsibility to teach their sons how love and loyalty and trust is earned, not begotten.

Mothers need to show their daughters that they are not required to please anyone but themselves, and that it is ok to demand better.  And fathers need to show their daughters that love from a man does not come with conditions.  It is not a commodity to be traded.

This isn’t about sex.  Boys will NOT be boys.  Because  *NEWS FLASH* girls like to have sex too.  This is about power.   It’s about immediate gratification.   It’s about greed.  Not all men are predators, but all men have the opportunity to change the status quo.

I’m not sure what counts as being abused or harassed.  I tell a dirty joke like anyone’s business.  I make innuendos with my friends.  We laugh a lot at shit like that.

I do remember being  an 18 year old girl hanging out with a bunch of friends, flirting with a guy, kissing a guy….and then not being interested in going home to bed with him.  And then he lied and told our mutual friends horrible dirty things about me the next day.  What made him think that I deserved to be punished for not giving him what he wanted?   What made me obligated to go home and suck his dick?  And what made him think that showing interest in him was the same as signing a blood contract? That he was then entitled to some sort of gratification?

So yeah.   I guess me too.  You too. Her too. Us too.    Holy Fuck.

But my hope for my daughter is for it to be #notme.  And for my son to be able to say #nother.

And for the assholes in this world to just #fuckoff.