An Irritated Rant About The Hypocrisy of Canadian Politicans and Their Holiday Travel Plans

by Cookie

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I can’t have anyone over.

I can’t go anywhere to visit.

My 76 old Dad spent Christmas alone rather than with us.

My daughter is badly in need of some new pants but she grew and I’m not sure what size. I can’t take her to a store to try on new ones.

I’m not allowed to buy a magazine at the checkout or a browse for a new book at a store.

We can’t have friends over.

My neck is in constant spasm from my entire life being moved into a virtual world where I am hunched over a computer up to 12 hours a day.

My kids have lost a great deal of their sense of the independence and confidence I worked so hard to nurture. They are clingy and emotional and tired of this shit. Every day they initiate a conversation with ”Mama, when Covid is over can we———”.

Our mental health is teetering on the edge of sword.

We have sacrificed SO MANY things. We have grieved SO MUCH about our lives. Simple things. Normal things. Important things.

The government has essentially kept us locked in our homes for over two months, unless we are going to work or sending our kids to school.

And yet, MOST of us have done all of it willingly out of a sense of duty to our communities. We made the right choices. We followed the rules. We endured poorly planned and executed mitigation of this pandemic, but shrugged and said ”It’s not forever”. We knew we had to protect our vulnerable friends, our health care system and our loved ones.

And story after story this past week includes accounts of the people we fucking chose to represent our best interests jetting off to god knows where however they want while we all cried about our parents and grandparents facing yet another holiday or special occasion alone.

Tell me, why do these people think that their desire to travel or need to see an ailing loved one is more important than ours or the message they have been drilling into our heads for almost a year?

These fucking politicians do not represent us. They haven’t for a long, long time. Instead of representing their communities to their parties, they in turn represent their party’s interest to their constituents. It’s completely backwards.

If you question them or try to get answers they delete your comments or block you. They are rude and condescending and stuck on some pedestal carved out of dried shit and it fucking stinks.

It’s time people held these assholes to account for their choices and their behavior.

Any single elected official or civil servant who has blatantly ignored the public health recommendations and tried to justify their fucking behaiour, whether it’s attending drive in church services or going on a holiday vacation should hand in their resignation and immediately resume fucking themselves.

I’ve had enough. Have you?