Fuck your reasons for having an abortion

Photo by Emma Guliani on Pexels.com

In the wake of the astonishing news of the US Supreme Cult Court overturning the Roe V Wade ruling from 1973, I feel like I can hear the air getting sucked out of people’s homes and the unison echo of our collective jaws dropping to the ground.

First and foremost, I’d like to offer a giant fuck you and choke on shit for eternity to the folks who orchestrated this, and perhaps a less enthusiastic and more confused what the actual fuck to anybody who thinks this is a great idea.

As I’ve been reading the discourse on various platforms I keep coming across all of the justifications we have for requiring access to abortions. Women sharing heart wrenching stories about wanted babies that were not compatible with life and slowly dying in their wombs. Women being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy and having to chose between themselves and their unborn child. Young girls who are raped or molested by family members or abused by boyfriends or parents. Tragic stories about trauma and poverty.

You know what though? Fuck that shit. Fuck it all. Nobody that you are talking to is even listening. Your reasons for having an abortion are moot. The people you are trying to educate about abortion being a very necessary part of women’s healthcare don’t give a single flying fuck about you. You are nothing to them. They are so fucking focused on the clump of cells or fetus or almost baked child inside you that you have ceased to exist as a human being. You are an incubator of a baby. They don’t care if you die.

The folks who made this law want to potentially prosecute you for not living up to to your job: to birth the baby. Miscarriage, fetal death, injury or defect could now be subject to investigation. Your medical information could be viewed as a crime. No arguments are based in science, medicine or fact. This is fanatical batshit territory where nothing makes sense. Using science and facts just makes them scream louder about how the babies are being murdered. Save your energy.

Because really, YOU DON”T NEED A REASON.

You don’t need to have suffered a trauma, been raped, almost died, been abused, conceived a child not able to live outside the womb, or any of it. Your body is capable of creating life, but it is not required to do so. I don’t care what the Torah or the Bible or the Koran say. If that isn’t your Book, it isn’t your problem.

Women have been so conditioned to justify themselves for every single thing in life. When we say no, there has to be a million reasons why it’s ok to say no. But really, the only reason is because you fucking say so.

No is a complete sentence.

Do want to continue this pregnancy? NO.

Do you want have a baby? NO.

Do you want to be a mother? NO.

It has to be that simple. Because as soon as we start arguing, or engage in conversations with these fucking assholes, they come at you and try to pick apart your “reasons” or offer you empty “solutions” or counterpoint everything you try to say.

What’s the response to “NO”?

So fuck your reasons for having an abortion. They aren’t anyone’s business, stop making it their business. If nobody is allowed to stick their dick or a needle or a popsicle in you after you say no, than nobody should be allowed to stick a baby in you and carry it around either.

No means no applies to your body every time, whether there is a potential human growing in there or not.