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Thank God Justine Damond Was White


I keep reading all these articles about the Australian woman shot and killed in Minneapolis by police.

And it’s a terrible tragedy.  My heart and condolences go out to the family of Justine Damond.  No parent or spouse or child should ever have to wonder why the fuck a police officer would freak out and shoot their loved one for absolutely no cause.

That’s just it, though, isn’t it?

It’s taken a white woman who had called 911 as a witness to a potential crime getting mistakenly ( or intentionally, who knows) shot by a law enforcement individual sworn to protect her to enrage the community enough that people are losing their jobs.   The Chief of Police has resigned.   People are demanding that the mayor resign.

I guess its a good thing she was white or nobody would give a fuck, eh?

If it had been a black woman it probably would not have even made it in the news, because that fucking happens ALL THE TIME.   We are almost desensitized to it.   Or we make assumptions that she must have reached for a weapon or the officers had reason to fear for their own well being.  They must have been justified somehow.  Or we think that its an honest mistake.

If it had been a black woman we’d just have a bunch of black people from her community holding vigils and protesting.  Grieving their loss and wondering how this could be happening over and over again and then a shit ton of police in riot gear would show up to keep the *peace* that they fucking broke to begin with.

But no.   Thank God for Justine Damond being white.  All it took was for a white woman to be the victim of the very same violence that black citizens have been subject to since forever for the city to be turned upside fucking down. Maybe it opened people’s eyes enough for them to experience the outrage of a human being who has no intention of doing harm getting killed by a trigger happy police force.   Now a white girl got killed so some heads are rolling.   There is an appropriate and much needed reaction happening and real investigations happening into the behaviour and the culture of policing in that city.

And although I’m sure it isn’t any consolation to Justine Diamond’s family, maybe her death will have a purpose. Maybe there will be some justice for her.  Maybe her death will help to change these bullshit scenarios of police violence in the US.

Maybe it will be a step in the right direction.

But I’m not holding my breath.




International Woman’s Day Is Every Day


Wearing red for IWD 2017

Once upon a time, someone at a press conference asked Joss Whedon why he always writes such strong female characters and created stories about them.   ( not a direct quote, but you get the idea).

After a while he concluded it was because people are still asking him that question.

Do you ever notice that?   Nobody would ask a writer or producer or director why there are strong male characters, we just sorta expect that to happen.

But a strong woman character?   How odd.

Today, on International Woman’s Day, I want to acknowledge every single woman out there who has ever had to work twice as hard to get half as far.  I want to acknowledge every woman who made the tough decision to give up their career in order to raise their family.  The woman who gave up the idea of ever having children because the demands of her male dominated field would never tolerate it, no matter what the law says.

For every woman who has said no and had yes stolen from her.  For every woman who raised a child she never wanted and couldn’t afford but loved regardless while a man had the luxury of walking away.

Every little girl who was told she couldn’t, wouldn’t, and didn’t deserve to anyway.  For the little girl who grew up and said fuck that, and did it better than any man.

For every wife who stood by her partner and made it possible for him to succeed while receiving no credit for it.

For every time you wiped a snotty nose or changed a diaper or made it through another day without crying yourself to sleep from exhaustion and frustration while receiving no thank you for the life you are supporting.

For every minute of childbirth that you endured in order to bring the greatest love of your life into this world.

For every woman who ever looked in the mirror and hated herself.  For putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own.

And for every woman who decided what she wanted and got it.   For inspiring other girls and women to do better for themselves.

For every single woman out there, regardless of your heritage, your colour, your sexuality, your socio-economic status, your age, your education.   Regardless of everything.

You are worth more to this world than the world knows.  

Be strong, be demanding, and never ever back down.   Be resilient.  Be epic.

International Woman’s Day is every fucking day.   Joss Whedon gets that.   Be more like Joss Whedon.


Listen Ted. Stop Being An Asshole And Just Go To The Fucking Parade Already



Canada has been kinda smug lately about how we treat our LGBTQ community so much better than the United States do.

But you know what?

We’ve still got our fair share of Bigoted, Bible Thumping, Hiding Behind Jesusers up here too.  And they love politics just as much as those possum-fucking losers in the American Bible Belt.

Why am I picking on the Christians?  Because we are a right bunch of assholes sometimes.

The latest controversy is over the refusal of a Member of Parliament, Ted Falk, to attend the Pride celebrations and parade in a town called Steinbach.  Steinbach is in the heart of a deeply Mennonite community where it is no secret how they feel about gay marriage.

Yes.  I know that the Bible says something about “man shall not lay with man”  or something along those lines.  But I’m pretty sure he also told us that there was a limit on how many slaves you could own and how you’re not allowed to touch a woman when she’s having her period.   By the way, it also has a list of 10 Ways Not To Be An Asshole.   Otherwise known as the 10 Commandments.  There’s a biggie in there about loving your neighbour as yourself.  Check it out sometime.

Here’s my biggest problem with all of this.  Canada is not actually a Christian country.  There are a great many of us who are indeed Christian.  Some of them support LGBTQ rights and some use their faith as an excuse to continue to spread hatred.  But as a Member of Parliament, you must leave your personal beliefs at the door, and support the laws of this country.  You are welcome to try and influence and change laws, but you must uphold the rights of all the citizens.

And unfortunately, Ted Falk, the law is not on your side here.  Bigotry is something that should not be tolerated in any capacity from a Member of Parliament, and I would suggest that your personal belief system is getting in your way of doing your job.

The other problem I have is that I think bigots like Ted Falk here make some sort of weird assumption that a Pride parade and celebration is some sort of recruitment drive.

Honey, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? The gays don’t want you.  There is a standard of fabulousness required that I just don’t think you could ever live up to.

Rather, the Pride celebrations are supposed to be a celebration of not having to hide yourself.  A celebration of being able to love freely who you love without having to fear arrest or abuse.  Clearly, we aren’t there yet, but we are a far cry from those days in New York City where the police raided the Stonewall Inn.  The Pride celebrations around the world are a reminder of this event, and how far we have come in accepting and loving everybody as they are, not how you interpret that they should be.

As a Christian, your job is to promote love and protect your brothers from harm. And yes, they are your brothers.  And sisters.  That’s your calling.

And as a Representative of your country, your job is to uphold and support the laws that are in place, and be present in a official capacity as needed in your community.  And newsflash:  Part of the population that your represent is LGBTQ.

Out of all the laws in the Bible, I don’t understand why we’re allowed to ignore all the other ones from the Old Testament and yet this one is like the Golden Fucking Rule.

I mean, we’re also not supposed to eat shellfish.  Do you take  stand on this, Ted, and refuse to enter any restaurant that has shrimp on the menu?  I mean, how are you supposed to support these blasphemous eaters of shellfish, when God has explicitly said not too?

How can you stand by and watch your children run and hug their mother or cousin who got her period this morning?  The filth!

And how can I, good Christian woman that I am, stand by idly while you clearly don’t love your neighbour as yourself?

I can’t.  Neither should anybody else.

Your values aren’t the only values that matter in this country.  And so, as a member of our Federal Government, you need to find a way to get past your bigoted, hypocritical “value” system and do your fucking job.

Stop making Jesus look bad by using Him as an excuse to act like a dick.  Just go to the fucking parade already.  Wear a rainbow, have a beer and no promises, but I’m pretty sure no one is going to gay rape you.

That was actually the Catholic Church…but that’s a whole other post.


This Elbowgate Thing Is Starting To Really Irritate Me


So everybody in Canada is talking about Elbowgate.

Our Prime Minister was involved in some questionably aggressive behavior in the House of Commons in which he came to pull another MP through  crowd of people and INADVERTENTLY made contact with a female MP’s chest with his elbow.

Jesus Fucking Christ everybody in parliament is losing their goddamn minds over it.

Read and watch this.

So ok.  I’m not sure why Trudeau took it upon himself to go over and pull the Opposition’s party whip thorough a crowd of bitchy MPs who were blocking his path, but anybody who has watched the video can clearly see that any contact made with Ellen Brosseau is completely accidental.  He barely touched her, but her reaction was as if he punched her in the vagina on purpose just for being a woman.

Hey Ellen, FIFA called and they want to issue you a red card for acting like a total faker asshole on Parliament Hill.  3 game suspension.

Thomas Mulcair’s reaction was equally ridiculous.  “What kind of man elbows a woman?!” he shrieks into the crowd.  “You’re so pathetic!”

You know what’s pathetic, Tom?  Going from being a strong Opposition party to having about 3 seats in Parliament.  Maybe if you spent less time pointing fingers at everybody else and being a whiny cunt, and more time figuring out a way to inspire people ( Jack Layton is turning over in his fucking grave, dude) you wouldn’t be freaking out over nothing in the House of Commons.

And don’t even get me started about the Conservatives ridiculous comparisons to Trudeau’s accidental contact with Ms. Brosseau with that of a drunk driver not meaning to kill anybody.  That one even has Peter Mansbridge rolling his eyes and saying “That last one was a bit much.”

Oh.  I forgot that Trudeau also apparently said “Fuck”.  As in “Get the Fuck out of my way.”

Bravo, Mr. Prime Minister.  You are now worthy of being called a human being, despite being a politician.

The past week or so has been a total shit show for the Trudeaus.  I am no expert in psychology or in human behavior, but I do know this:

When I worked in a highly competitive, technical world, people who made mountains out of every molehill and made personal attacks against their coworkers just came out looking like total assholes.They try everything to make someone look bad because of their own insecurities.  If you want to shine, shine based on your own merit and by being excellent at your job. Shine by inspiring others. Watching all the MP’s bitch and moan and go on an on about the  incident made me embarrassed to be a Canadian.  It was like listening to a bunch of kindergarten students.  For reals.

The things that the Trudeaus have been in the news about are not the things I want to hear about.  I want to know what new laws are being made.  I want to know where our tax dollars are being spent.  I want to see the work he is doing to make this country better.

I don’t give a fuck about why the Conservatives have wet panties about something he said or what Sophie wore.  I don’t give a fuck , regardless of how entertaining it was to watch, about the near brawl that happened in the House.

Can WE PLEASE just start acting like grownups in this country?

And if we can’t, can WE PLEASE just all drink tequila until we work out our shit?

Dear Sophie Gregoire Trudeau: I’ll Be In Your Village



As I’m sure you’ve all heard already, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was heavily criticized in the media last week when she said she needed more help to be able to manage her workload and three children.

Leading the crusade were MP’s from the Conservatives and NDP parties, accusing her of being out of touch and chastising her for feeling overwhelmed.

And you know what?

Shame on both of them.  Shame on them for continuing to perpetuate the myth that women can and should have it all, do it all, take care of it all, and never complain or ask for help.

It’s almost worse to me that the two leading the negative comments and criticism are women.  Had it been a couple of old sexist men, I would have been less disgusted with the commentary.  But the fact that it is once again women shaming other women makes me seriously want to fucking puke.

Yes.  Mrs. Gregoire Trudeau already has nannies.  So what?   Every working woman has some sort of childcare arrangement. Should she be sending her children to a day home down the street or to a childcare center while she focuses on her duties to the public?  Are there 24 hour, 7 day a week arrangements that could accommodate the irregular hours and changing needs?  Should she hire a local teenager to come in and watch the kids?

Give. Me. A Break.  We are talking about the family of our head of state.

Yes, her “position” as the wife of our Prime Minister is not an official role, and not a paid one.  But there is a huge expectation that she be available for public appearances, and philanthropic and charitable work.   And let’s face it.   I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I can’t seem to remember any other spouse of a political leader in Canada who was so busy working for this country.  I can’t even tell you the name of any spouse of any former Prime Minister, but Sophie is in the news literally every other day.

So yes, I think that she probably does need more staff to continue to do the work she does.

But that’s not even my real issue with this whole thing.

Bitches, it’s okay to ask for help.

We always feel like we aren’t enough.  We need to do more, be better, learn new things, put everybody else first.  And that is such bullshit.

You just can’t do it all on your own. There is no shame in asking for reinforcements.  There is no shame for recognizing that your workload is too heavy and that you need help.  It’s okay to say no sometimes.

And that applies whether you are a single mom, a stay at home mom, a working mom, or the wife of the Prime Minister.  This attack of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is archaic and sexist and downright so full of assholery and political agenda that I can literally smell the crap from the comfort of my living room.

So cut the shit.  I don’t care if she is asking more than any other spouse did before her.  I don’t care if Stephen Harper’s wife ” did more with less consistently.”  Why is that something we should applaud?  Why should we give less resources to the spouse of our country’s leader and perpetuate this shit that women should just saddle up and suck it up?

I don’t think this request makes her out of touch at all.  I think it makes her feel like very other working mom in the country.  Sometimes overwhelmed, always tired, torn, and normal. 

So  yes.  Give her more staff and stop bitching about it.    In fact, I personally volunteer.  They say it takes a village, and Canada is this woman’s village.




Don’t Be An Asshole To The Trans Person Trying To Pee Either



In the apparent third installment of what is turning out to be my “Don’t Be An Asshole” series, let’s talk about this transgender bathroom law in North Carolina.

Let me start by asking this:


Followed by:


And a:

Da fuck?

Is this actually what all people in suits and fancy shoes spend their days thinking about and working on?  They worry about who is using what bathroom?

They’ve got mass shootings happening at an alarming rate in their country.  Addiction and poverty, with the gap between the rich and the poor only getting wider.  Some crazy ass people half a world away who want to kill us all every day, and our lawmakers are busying themselves trying to prevent somebody from using the can?

How about you make a law that says if you are a terrorist with a bomb you can’t use ANY bathroom in the States?  That would be useful.  I mean, if you gotta go you gotta go.  And not giving bad people bathroom rights is one way to keep asshole killers out of your country, right?

Look. Transgenderism (is that a word?  I’m so sorry if it isn’t.  Please educate me.) is something that can be difficult to wrap your head around.  We as a society have been taught and simply accept that whatever genitalia is on the outside determines who we are on the inside.  That’s the truth that I have always known as well, but I also am willing and determined to understand and accept a new one.

And I know something else.  I don’t actually give a shit about what is going on in your pants.  I give a shit about whether or not you are nice to me and my kids.  I give a shit about whether or not you are happy and whole and treated like a human being and treat other people with kindness and decency.  I give a shit that you are respected for whoever you are and that you can walk around without being scared of being hurt.  I give a shit that you can use the bathroom because you are a person, and sometimes you have to take a shit too.

Although I highly recommend only pooping at home, because who wants to smell up a bathroom and have everybody know that they pooped there?  (This is my own personal hang up and actually a whole other post.) 

Anyway.  I’m just wondering about these fucking politicians who made the law in the first place.  In their giant mansions with 17 bathrooms, do they have designated boy and girl bathrooms?  Are moms allowed to take their children into the same bathroom as them? Do they have a Bathroom Constable who monitors the use of the toilets and make sure no one is getting assaulted?

I don’t care if you are a trans woman who may or may not have a penis ans you are sitting in the stall next to me.  I don’t actually care if you are a trans woman with a robotic piece of garden hose that you pee out of. Who actually DOES care about this? It’s a fucking bathroom.

I’ll tell you who cares about it.  People who are afraid.  People tend to get afraid of things they don’t understand or can’t identify with. And the idea of someone with a penis saying that they are a woman ( or the other way around) and wanting to have surgery to correct their anatomy is a very difficult thing  to understand.  And so people react by trying to put blame or shame on those who are different from them because they are trying to protect their truth.

It really has nothing to do with the trans community.  It has to do with fear and uncertainty and people who so arrogantly think they know what is best for everybody else.

If this law was really about protecting women, they would realize that the real folks in danger are most likely the trans women who would be forced to use a man’s restroom.  They are the ones who will be assaulted.  Not the cis women sharing a bathroom with a trans woman.

My biggest fear for the trans community is that this law will force more trans folk to hide who they are to their coworkers and friends.  I fear that they won’t feel comfortable to publicly identify as trans and I worry about the toll that takes on one’s mental health. Nobody should have to hide from themselves. Trans folk already have such a high risk of depression and suicide, and this law is such a giant step back.

Bitches, every single human being on this planet deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.It’s 2016.  Aren’t we past making laws that segregate people?  Should we get the trans community their own buses and water fountains?  COME ON ALREADY.

The bigotry that this law was founded on reeks of assholery and bullshit.

I think if anything we should make an anti asshole law.  Because THAT, Bitches, would be revolutionary and would actually change the goddamn world.

Don’t be as asshole. Let people use the fucking bathroom.



The World Is An Offend-A-Thon, And It’s Starting To Get On My Nerves

So Dave Wheeler, a radio host in Winnipeg has gone and gotten himself suspended over a couple of cartoon music videos he made that made fun of a couple areas in town. Now anyone who lives in this city knows that each area of town is notorious for for is stereotypical “tenant”.  It’s almost like an inside joke.

The North End is a rough area.  There is lots of poverty and crime.  The west part like Tuxedo and Charleswood tends to be upper class and have money.  The South end has an enormous Asian population and literally a sushi joint on every corner.  St.Boniface houses a large French speaking population. And Transcona, well, even the residents there refer to it as “Trashcona”.  Because they have a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves a little bit. Whatever.

So the videos Dave Wheeler made got peoples titties all hot and they are demanding that he be fired.

I was only able to see the one about the North End ( the videos have since been taken down), and my reaction was this:  Non reactive.    I felt like it was a parody of all the gangster rap videos out there, with Winnipeg as the backdrop.

Did I think it was funny? Not really.  Did I think it was offensive?  Not really.  It takes a lot more to offend me than that.  I mean, he didn’t even use the word “cunt” once.  What’s to be offended about?

Look.  The guy is a radio host and comedian.  Comedians make fun of things and people.  Sometimes they make fun of things that are serious in nature like politics or war because the whole point of comedians doing what they do is to teach us that if we are laughing at shit, than maybe it isn’t so bad.  Maybe we can just get up and keep on living.

I just feel like this world is turning into a fucking Offend-A-Thon.

Everywhere I look, somebody is offended about something.

Mom breastfeeding her baby?  Let’s get offended by that.  Call all the news stations and suspend her Facebook account for showing “indecent pictures”.

Somebody advocating for the right to make a choice that is different from the one you made as a parent?  Clearly they are trying to suppress your rights.

Woman showing off a super fit body?  Clearly shaming you for looking different than her.

Transgender person using the same bathroom as you? Obviously their need to urinate and ultimate use of the toilet has made the space offensive to be in.

What the actual fuck is wrong with people today?  Have we become so intolerant of intolerance that we don’t actually tolerate differences in each other anymore?

Can’t we laugh about anything ever without harming someone’s rights?

Dave Wheeler posted a couple of videos that poked fun at different areas in the city.  From what I saw, it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with a longstanding Winnipeg joke.  And the videos are two years old.  Why do we give a shit now?

Was it in poor taste?  Ummm...Maybe?  Does it deserve the attention it has been getting?  Does it deserve an organized protest and him being fired?  Absolutely not.  It doesn’t even deserve the time my shitty blog is spending writing about it.

If people spent 10% of the energy they used up getting all pissed off about shit that doesn’t matter on things that actually make the word a better fucking place, the world might actually have a chance at being a better place.

So next time you’re gonna go get all riled up about some crap a comedian said or did, or next time you’re going to try and get a mom breastfeeding her baby arrested for indecent exposure because she violated your rights to not look at her titties, do me a fucking favour.  Go out and spend that time picking up garbage in your neighbourhood.  Go and volunteer to pet cats at the Humane Society.  Go and put together a food hamper and drop it off at Winnipeg Harvest. Go hang out with some old people in a nursing home or join Big Brothers/Big Sisters and make a real difference in someone’s life.

That’s how you can be a hero and fight for a real cause.

But this Captain of the Offended Brigade crap?  Give.It.Up.






I Want To Believe Victims, But The Court Needs To Believe The Facts



Over the past couple of days I have been reading not only responses to my own article but comments about the Ghomeshi case and verdict in general.  I have also read through Lucy DeCoutere’s post verdict interviews and much criticism about the tactics used by Ghomeshi’s lawyer in court. So I’m still talking about this because the conversation is clearly not over.

In this case, and unfortunately in most cases of sexual assault where the accused is known to the complainant, the only evidence used in the prosecution is the witness’s accounts of the incident.  Therefore, I think it is unfortunately absolutely appropriate for the defense to go after said testimony and attempt to discredit the witnesses. How else is she supposed to defend the case?  Like it or not, we are supposed to have a system of innocent until proven guilty, and all defendants have a right to refute the charges and have a defense team argue their case for them.

We also cannot change the system to one where we automatically believe victims and assume guilt at all costs, because that would lead to victims on the other side; people being falsely accused by scorned men and women screaming rape when they are actually after revenge.

In this case in particular, how can we honestly believe that a woman doesn’t recall sending flowers and writing notes to a man who supposedly assaulted her?   And yes, it has been over 10 years and I’m not sure I would remember every single email I sent to someone either,  but something like a handwritten note with flowers is out of the ordinary enough that it would stand out in one’s mind.

And let’s be real.  These women did not have relationships with Ghomeshi that went past a couple of dates.  They had no reason to ever see or speak to him again. But they did.   They didn’t go to work the nest day and have to see him and convince themselves that whatever happened was a misunderstanding.  They, in my interpretation, actively pursued the man who supposedly assaulted them.  By sending provocative emails.  By sending suggestive notes that said “I love your hands“.  By sending blunt emails that said “I want to fuck your brains out.”

Unfortunately, no matter how they or anybody else try to justify that, if I am interpreting their behaviour as desire and pursuit, how is a man supposed to interpret that?  Women can’t say one thing and mean another and then assume a man can read her mind….because then no doesn’t mean no either.  It’s a total double standard.

We have been trying to promote  “No means NO”.  (And it should) .  We also accept that if a person is in a position where they are incapable of saying no  ( for example being a child, intellectually disabled, drunk, drugged, unconscious) that it also means consent is not given and an assault has occurred.

And if those things are true ( which they SHOULD be), then when does “I want to fuck your brains out”  translate to  ” You hurt me and I don’t like what you did and never touch me again”

I am sorry that these women feel shame. I want to believe them and any other woman who has been hurt.  Unfortunately I don’t know what actually happened behind closed doors.  He could be a total psycho for all we know.  But it is also possible that he is just a kinky guy who liked to fuck around with a lot of women with no strings attached.  It’s also possible that they pursued him a lot harder than he pursued them and then they got pissed off.

And like I said originally, women need to empower themselves.  Not wait for an imperfect system to rescue them.  Especially when “No means no”  and “I want to fuck your brains out”  seems to also means “no”. 

That’s not blame.  That’s not shame.  It’s learning how to protect yourself better in a system that clearly is not able to protect you.

All I can really say is that telling women to mean what they say and say what they mean is  NOT victim blaming.  It’s telling us to send clear messages.  It’s telling us to stop putting ourselves in situations where we get hurt repeatedly.  It’s telling us that it’s 2016, and your best chance of catching your assailant is to get help immediately.  Press charges, find your support system and don’t take any crap. Don’t wait ten years when your memory is foggy and you know that any decent defense lawyer is going to punch your testimony wide open. No one can blame a victim for being victimized, but you can learn to take your power back.

I don’t know if Ghomeshi is guilty or not.  But I do know that regardless of whether it is politically correct for me to say it or not, the women’s behaviour after the alleged incidents, and their lies and omissions in court made me it really hard for me to believe them.  Like it or not, their behaviour does matter, because if you are going to accuse a person of a terrible crime, you better have your facts straight.

I’m all for believing victims, but the court has an obligation to believe the facts.



Donald Trump Is A Real Asshole, Isn’t He?

I am too tired today to have any nice and fluffy thoughts about anything of importance and there is fuck all in the news to amuse me either.  Unless you count the fact that Donald Trump won a whole shit ton of primaries last night and looks to really be on his way to winning the Republican nomination.

Is this really a thing that might happen?

Seriously.  With all the blatant racist and sexist remarks, all the inflammatory comments and ridiculous antics, could this man actually make a real run for the American Presidency?  It sort of feels like a big stupid joke.

But is it?

Trump is a real asshole.  But somehow, like the Devil himself, he as figured out a way to make us love hating him.  He has figured out a way to say “You know, I’m a real dick.  I hate Mexicans and Muslims and I think women are useless bitches.  But I speak enough of the tiniest bit of truth, or at least enough of what those tiny little voices fueled by fear and greed whisper to us all in our hearts to make you believe what I’m saying”.

He’s quite fucking brilliant, actually.

Now do I think he’s gonna become the next President of the USA?  Nope.  Do I think he should be?  No fucking way.

But I think Trump actually has a super important role to play.  He has a purpose besides the shock factor and entertainment value of watching him speak.

I am very convinced that Hilary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination.  And that makes me super happy.  I was a huge fan of her husband, and I feel like part of the reason Bill was as good as he was was because he had a brilliant woman behind and beside him.

I think Donald Trump being such a crazy reckless fucktard is gonna make Hilary better than she would have been otherwise.  She is going to work that much harder to make sure she is the antidote to Trump.  She is going to have to listen harder to regular people and forget that she comes from a life of privellege and wealth in order to out-compete him.

Because say what you will about The Donald.  He is a brilliant, successful businessman with a lot of supporters out there.  The media is eating his shit up and despite some of the vile things that come out of his mouth he is absolutely charming as hell.

And people are so super stupid that they fall for shit like that all the time.

But if I said it once, I said it a million times:  People who are charming are being so in order to hide something from you.  Whether it be lack of competence, or knowledge, or simply undesirable character traits.  People use charm to manipulate you into thinking they are something they are not.

And if anybody actually thinks that Donald Trump gives one rats ass about anybody besides Donald Trump they are being fooled.  He may want to “make America great again”  but only for his own pockets.

He’s a real ripe asshole.  Sorry, American friends.  Good luck.


Would You Have Vince Li For Dinner, As Long As He Was Taking His Meds?



Anybody who lives in Manitoba will undoubtably have heard about Vince Li, the man who killed another young man named Tim Maclean on a Greyhound bus 7 years ago.  The killing was a random, gruesome act where the victim was beheaded and then eaten by the attacker for several hours before the ordeal was over.

Clearly, a person who does this is not in their right minds.  Right?  Li is a schizophrenic who had not taken his medication.  The results were terrifying.

Because of his mental illness he was found criminally not responsible for his actions.  He spent some time in a psychiatric facility and the entire time his treatment has been focused on helping him to re-enter society.  He is currently living in a group home with very little supervision, with the hope that he can live more independently.  His case is currently being reviewed to see if this is possible.

So, there are a lot of conflicting opinions about the whole thing. You can read a couple of them here and here.  He has become somewhat of a poster boy for mental illness, and anyone who dares to question the safety of having this man in their community is deemed to be insensitive to mental illness.

You know, I gotta call bullshit here.

I don’t think that people having valid concerns about this man living independently is unreasonable at all.

Yes.  He is taking is medication.  But how do we know he will continue to do so? Is there someone who is going to administer it and make sure he takes it every single day?  Will he have regular evaluations by a mental health care worker?  Will he continue to have treatment once out in the community?

Let’s be real.  He didn’t have a panic attack and crash his car.  He boarded a bus and ate another man.  A police officer on duty committed suicide after having to see that.  This was a scary, violent and degrading act.

And do I think he needs to be punished?  Not really. He was insane.  How do you punish someone for doing something they had no control over? But I think about how he must feel knowing now what he did.  How does that affect his mental health in other ways?  Will the emotional consequences of his actions overcome him and make him a danger in other ways?

Will his medication always work?

So, if having these questions and concerns about Vince Li re-entering our community makes me an asshole so be it.  Then I’m an asshole.  But I wonder if the people who are in charge of his release would commit to having this man live in their homes, with their children?  Is he really that safe?   Because I think the public has a right to feel concerned or at the very least have all of their questions and concerns addressed.

And I am by no means an expert in the justice system, but since he was never convicted of anything, is there any court order in place to monitor his behaviour?  Anything in place so that if he is found to be un-compliant with his treatment in any way he has his freedom removed?

Will the people of the community he is going to live in know that he is there?

I am not against rehabilitation of this man.  But I think that there needs to be complete transparency regarding his release.  People always fear the unknown.  And I think that what the future holds for Vince Li is unknown.

As for the family of the victim?  I can’t even imagine what they think.  I would hope that they have received even one tenth of the support and treatment needed to get through the grieving process that Vince Li has.  I hope that we have offered them the same amount of help that we have offered the man who killed their son.

Because they are serving a life sentence.



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