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An Irritated Rant About the Fact that you DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL EXEMPTION

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I am getting pretty fucking tired of this Anti-Vaxx merry-go-round that seems to be spinning faster and faster.

First, the excuse was that the vaccine was made too quickly. That was quickly addressed by the decades of research, the three phases of clinical trial and the billions of doses administered safely worldwide so far.

Next up is the “I don’t know what is in it” bowl of nonsensical horseshit. Check your aspirin bottle. Or the box on your last heat and serve meal. You can’t pronounce the ingredients listed there nor do you have any idea what most of them do either.

Oh and the moral objection to fetal cell lines because you are pro-life? That fetus died fifty years ago, no cells that were from a living breathing human were ever used in vaccine production, you seem to have no moral objection to systems that were built on exploitation or racism that make your life better, the Pope says it’s ok and honestly just fucking STOP IT.

But my favourite, MY FAVOURITE is the medical exemption.

You don’t have a medical exemption. You jut don’t. I don’t give a fuck what your herbalist or crystal dealer or woo-fuckery practioner says, you just don’t.

I don’t give a fuck if you have eczema, or had diaper rash as a baby. I don’t give a fuck if you had a concussion once upon a time or once had a heart palpitation or maybe you’re going bald. Your saddlebags don’t count and neither do the bags under your eyes. And your concerns about side effects are nothing compared to the side effects that are awaiting you due to your utter stupidity and willingness to die on a hill of ignorance.

You are completely full of shit and grasping at straws, and at SOME POINT, you are going to run out of football field and will have nowhere left to move the goalposts.

CBC ran an article today about a woman with “chemical sensitivities” and is squawking that the medical exemption scope needs to be expanded. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t, but I’ll tell you what: I can’t handle the smell of oven cleaner or a regualar dose of Ativan either so my chemical sensitivity is pretty high too. Good thing the vaccine is made out of shit that breaks down in your body quicker than a hit of ecstasy or valerian root tea instead of paint thinner and formaldehyde or whatever the fuck you think you know about it but don’t.

It’s fucking BALLS that pretty much every person I know wailing about medical exemptions or worries about fertility or however else their anxiety disorder is choosing to manifest have not even SEEN their doctor to discuss their concerns. They have self diagnosed and based their decisions on the propaganda they see on the fucking internet: which has been perpetrated by crackpots who stand to gain financially from the amount of traffic on their websites BUT have zero background in reproductive biology or biology of any kind. If your car broke down, would you take it to a bank teller to get fixed? Pull your fucking head out of your ass. Get information from people who have verifiable information to give you.

So no. You don’t have a medical exemption. Reasons to not get vaccinated, other than ignorance and downright bullheadedness are exceedingly rare. You have concerns and questions- which may even be valid, but they are questions for your DOCTOR. Who you haven’t seen yet. And who knows better than you do because of the whole medical school/residency thing.

Go see your doctor. Stop listening to uneducated Doomsday preppers living on farms and fucking their cousins. This is stupid.

Vaccine Mandates for the Win

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This past week has been swirling with news and discussions about mask and vaccine mandates and the ever evolving situation with this pandemic from hell which feels like it will never ever, ever end.

I was asked yesterday in an interview with cbc radio where I stood on vaccine mandates. The answer is, right in front, leading the charge of YES PLEASE.

I’ve been sucking up my opinion about this the past few months because I work with a lot of different folks with different beliefs and I thought it would be cool to try to be respectful of that. I will also say that there are a lot of people who are choosing not to get vaccinated, but are also respectful of the hesitation of others to have contact with them due to that decision, and even others who are basically preferring to continue to isolate themselves rather than get vaccinated. This is not about them, because they are making choices based on their personal situations and willing to accept the limitations of those choices.

HOWEVER, if you are working with the public, or any vulnerable population which includes but is not limited to children, medically fragile, elderly, or impoverished folks I believe it should absolutely be mandated that you are vaccinated. By not doing so, you are putting those who have limited choices in receiving the services they require and have a right to (such as education or healthcare) at risk. Let’s put it this way: all children have a right to a public education and all people have a right to healthcare in this country, but we are not entitled to work in any given field. That puts the onus on the employees, the teachers, the doctors and the therapists to fulfill their mandate of providing a safe environment and making the well being of those they care for a priority.

In short: It is your right to decide what goes into your body, but you do not have a right to inflict that choice on others.

Employers create and implement policies for their staff ALL the time. The restaurant I worked at once upon a time had a strict policy about how many piercings you could have, how big they could be, no visible tattoos, and what colour your hair could be. It was based on the clients’ comfort level and response to said body modifications. To put that in terms of Covid vaccines, the “clients” have a right to feel safe in their environment and I think that gives employers the right to determine that their staff needs to accommodate the protection of their “clients” in order to be employed in that sector. While the vaccines are not perfect, especially with new variants in play, they remain one of our best tools to reduce transmission and the risk of severe illness. It will help us begin to focus on care for things other than Covid and emergencies in our health care system. It will help our kids stay in school and our economies to thrive again. Isn’t that what we all want? When we have cancer do we refuse treatment because we don’t know what’s in it? When you have a headache do you spend hours on the internet “researching” the ingredients and looking for adverse reactions of Tylenol? NO. Because many believe in the science when it is convenient for them. I can guarantee when someone refuse to take a vaccine due to lack of trust in the doctors recommending it, they will have an expectation that all of a sudden the same doctor will have enough skill and knowledge to help them get well. It’s all so fucking maddening if you ask me.

We are starting to see post secondary educational institutions mandate masks and vaccines with some school divisions following suit. Which leads me to congratulate the insight and leadership some institutions are showing, but ALSO begets the questions: Where the fuck is the leadership from our provincial government on this? Why is this being passed on to superintendents and university boards? We haven’t we seen hide nor hair of our “Health Minister” for months until all of a sudden she wants to be the Premier, holds a press conference and refuses to address or even acknowledge the crisis in our health care system. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

People get confused about rights and freedoms all the time. We tend to forget that just because we can, doesn’t mean we should, and also doesn’t mean we are entitled to. The only thing we seem to be experts at these days is finding arguments to confirm our own biases about anything. We are so focused on the ME, that we have no tolerance for the WE.

As members of society and communities, we have a moral obligation to care for others. How our selfishness has grown so deep that minor inconveniences have ballooned into heated political divide and such a severe lack of empathy that we are more willing to risk our children’s well being than implement the easiest of safety measures weighs heavily on me. How an unwillingness to protect our most valuable and vulnerable has evolved into an acceptable “opinion” is unfathomable.

So yes. I truly believe that vaccine mandates should be implemented in many sectors. It’s not even a new thing.Health care professionals when applying to study and children entering the public school system have historically been required to show proof of up to date immunizations, so this should be an easy transition.

I am grateful that my children’s school division has blazed the trail to mandate both masks and vaccines. I am relieved the campus I teach on has done the same. I am hoping our leaders will see what is occurring in other parts of the country and world and will act proactively this time around. There’s still time to prevent the disaster that is waiting for us this fall, so here’s hoping our government will listen a little harder this time around and do the job they promised to do.

I’m not spending another year in my house because you are too scared to get vaccinated

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The other day I Tweeted this: I’m tired of trying to nicely “educate” folks about getting vaccinated. We’ve been trying for 6 months. Simple solution: Vaxxed folks can resume their lives, non-vaxxed stay home. How’s that for an incentive?

Now, most people caught the jist of what I was saying. I’ll acknowledge that it comes off a little huffy, but you know me. Straight to the point. A few had to get all fucking irritating about it so I thought I’d use my own forum to expand on my thoughts.

I get it, I really do. Everything about this year has been so fucking hard. Everyone has got their opinion about EVERYTHING. I’m not going to rehash all the conspiracy theories and bullshit and reasons everyone is out of their damn minds…but you know what? Even though I think a lot of people have gone completely batshit- I STILL think they are entitled to hold their opinions.

What I don’t believe we are entitled to do is to make choices based on those opinions that are detrimental or cause harm to others, especially when the consensus from the scientific and medical community directly contradicts your opinion. Science will win every damn time for me. And while science is not static and is constantly evolving as we learn more- it doesn’t mean we get to use our fears as an excuse to be assholes.

So when I say that people who are choosing not to be vaccinated should be the ones to stay home and isolate, I meant it. And as they rant and rave about their rights and ask me if I am from China or call me a Nazi-aren’t these the same folks who were telling us to stay home if we were afraid of Covid? Now THEY are the ones who afraid, but the suggestion that they stay home due to their fears and choices is so unfathomable?

I’m not suggesting we actively punish people for their opinions- Lord knows I’d probably be in the clink myself- but choices have consequences. Moral, economic, social. If you have access to the vaccine, and reliable information about the vaccine, and you are eligible, and your doctor agrees that it is right for you and yet don’t take it, you no longer need to be educated. You need to lie in the bed you’ve made for yourself. If you are medically fragile, or have a language barrier or a disability or are facing any other type of barrier to accessing the resources you need to get your questions answered this post is not about you.

Right now our hospitals and ICU’s are so full that we keep shipping folks out of province. And the people in there are not vaccinated people. Some communities have a 10% vaccine uptake. TEN PERCENT. They are getting sick. So if you are not getting vaccinated, YOU are the one breaking the system ( well…..after the PC government already did but that’s a whole other post). We are out of fucking resources. We have a duty to our community to all do our part to come out of this.

As a vaccinated person, I pose very low risk to the public. I followed every rule. I made every sacrifice.I don’t have a fetus growing out of my forehead or a third tit and Jesus didn’t strike me with lightning.I had a fever for a day as my immune system kicked in. So now, pardon the absolute FUCK out of me, but I think that as such I should have a few freedoms at this point, because it is unlikely that I will harm anyone or stress the health care system further. An unvaccinated person can’t say those things.

My point is that we need to go get fucking jabbed unless we want to ride a few more waves. Trust me they are on their way. I stand by the thought that if I have to choose between ALL of us living through another year of lockdowns and “adapting” and sacrificing, or those who are not doing what is right have to be the ones to remain in isolation until we reach enough immunity so that those who really are unable to get vaccinated are safe- LIKE MY CHILDREN, I choose them.


If you think that makes me a bad person, that’s a you problem, cause I don’t give a shit. I know that I did what was necessary to protect those that needed protecting. I know that I did everything that was asked of me and more….and even if that all turns out to be a giant crock of steaming shit, at least I TRIED.

Dear Manitoba, start enforcing restrictions or STFU

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Fuck restrictions.

Honestly. Closing retail spaces and restaurants and gyms again isn’t going to do anything further unless a few other things happen.

  1. Close the borders for real. Redefine what essential is and make sure that you monitor it. Yes, the variants are already here but adding new sources of infection is just plain dumb.
  2. Go to remote learning, at least for high school. Stop allowing team sports to practice. This is one of the fastest growing age groups spreading infection, and the data showing limited spread in schools no longer applies as variants are changing the game.
  3. Vaccinate everyone who works in a manufacturing or factory setting. These people are essential to supply chains and work in small, poorly ventilated environments and have a high proportion of new Canadians or folks living in multi-generational homes. This immediately makes close contact numbers high, exposes those more vulnerable, and continues to put at risk those that have no other alternatives for income, no sick benefits and do not have the option of working from home.
  4. Mandate anyone who is able to work from home to WORK.FROM.HOME.
  5. Vaccinate teachers.
  6. Vaccinate bus drivers and taxi drivers.

And here’s the big one:

It really does not matter one bit what restrictions you impose if people refuse to follow the rules. Increasing the restriction levels does nothing but further punish those who are already doing their best: wearing masks, limiting contacts, only seeing people outside their household outdoors, limiting non-essential activities. The people who aren’t doing this and are organizing anti-mask rallies, or spreading mis-information online, having personal gatherings, and basically anything else to effectively thumb their fucking noses at public health officers will continue to do so no matter what rule you make.

They are LAUGHING at you.

To be honest, we all are. You sound like a bunch of idiots. Nobody trusts that you know what you are doing or are prepared to actually back up these rules.

Until this government gets out there and actually enforces the rules they are making, not one of these anti mask “BUTMYRIGHTS” wads from a rancid dickhole is going to give a shit.

As we speak, there is an anti mask rally happening at the Forks. No cops, no bylaw officers in sight. Not one ticket being handed out, not one arrest being made. THEY.ARE.LAUGHING.AT.YOU.

If the Manitoba government wants people to take their Covid actions seriously, they need to get serious about them. Ticket every fucker who breaks the rules. They don’t pay the ticket? They can sit in jail until the 14 day quarantine period is over.

And I don’t want to hear anymore about how they are worried about people lying to contract tracers for fear of being fined. They are lying ANYWAY. If you had your shit together, you could easily investigate this.

Get your shit together, Manitoba. Or we are about to be Ontario, Part Deux.

Surprise, surprise, the vaccination process is a mess too.

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SOMEONE has to help me understand this ridiculous dumpster fire of a vaccination rollout.

As with everything in this province introduced by this poorly prepared, short sighted and self congratulatory, Trumpesque government, the delivery of vaccines has fallen somewhere between an inconsistent process and a total mess.

All over social media we are hearing that some people are in and out in 30 minutes, while others wait in hours long lineups snaking through super centres and all the way across city blocks outdoors.

I keep reading that those who are visiting pop up sites in smaller communities like Morden are having positive experiences (thank god!) while those who are booking their appointments here in the city are absolutely not. Anyone with some reasonable vision could see from the beginning of the organization of such large scale vaccination sites were going to be a nightmare and they were better off with smaller scale, local community sites that served smaller populations.

Hey! Wait! Local administration works better than a large centralized one? Sounds familiiar-*throat clears* Bill 64– but that is a different post.

So my Dad had his appointment yesterday in the late afternoon. He arrived 20 minutes prior to his appointment to be sure he had time to check in. When he got there, the lineup outside the Convention Centre was a couple blocks long. In 80 km/hr wind gusts. It took about 30 minutes just to get inside the building. For the next hour he gradually moved along like one bull in a cattle herd up and around all levels, until he finally reached the space where the vaccinations took place.

His comments: The amount of space dedicated for vaccine spots were only about half full. There about 4 times the amount of volunteers on crowd control then people available to administer the vaccines, which seemed useless because the paths were clearly marked. While the online booking system was seamless, the actual logistics of the site was poorly organized and managed, they booked way too many appointments for what they could realistically manage and in his words “whoever is responsible for the logistical design and process of the site should be fired”.

So, this is 5 days after the supposed “scheduling glitch” occurred and Dr. Reimer has assured us it had been rectified, with wait times back down to 10-20 minutes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I suppose we could always decide to drive 3 hours round trip to Morden for a more positive experience. I mean, a smooth, well run operation designed to serve the local population, right there in the political base of the governing party? You don’t say.

I also enjoyed the Minister of Health’s video post over the weekend telling us what a great job she was doing getting Manitobans vaccinated. Really? We have more vaccines in storage than you can get into arms, we are about to lose the race against the variants, and you want us all to pat you on the back and say job well done? While you scream about Justin Trudeau and lack of vaccine supply? Last week we had received about 248K doses of vaccine, with about 157K administered. With ANOTHER 123K arriving this week? Over the weekend you managed to vaccinate something around 3000 people in total. Does that sound like we have a supply issue?

I’d argue that we have a competence issue, but that’s just me.

You want to figure out how to get as many people in and out in the shortest amount of time while keeping them happy? Someone get an Olive Garden Manager and a team of hosts in there and this problem will be cleared up before you can say Hospitaliano! (sarcasm- mostly)

Once you have emptied your freezers and have people waiting to book appointments, cry about supply as loud as you need to, and I’ll even cry with you . Otherwise, I’d suggest closing your mouth and fixing this latest mess.

If we could just get some accountability, some transparency or maybe even a little truth from our leaders right now, a lot of us would be a little less angry.

Don’t you guys care about us? Don’t answer that.

To All The Sancti-Mommies Out There: Just Don’t.



So last week I got caught up in an online discussion about ill behaved children in the grocery store.

A super observant, knowledgeable, and childless woman made all sorts of comments about how inappropriate it was for the parents to have tried to control their child’s tantruming by offering a bribe.   Or whatever.  She watched.  She judged.  And then she proclaimed her disapproval on social media like a total cow.

Anyway, the exchange pissed me off.  I am so tired of trying so hard to do right by my kids.  And having what feels like an army of Sancti-Mommies always screaming about how wrong I am for doing/thinking/feeling/trying/asking/wondering the things I am.  Or posting the “how you’ve fucked up your kids for good” article of the day.

And then there’s this new breed of Sancti-Non-Mommies who also want to weigh in on the discussion?   Because they took a few behaviour management courses that one time in University?

No thanks.

Also, fuck you.

So in order to deal with some of my feelings (don’t tell anybody I have feelings or I will cut you) , I have been trolling some of the mommy blogging sites in order to tell some of these bitches to suck it.

Does that make me a terrible person?



But here’s the thing:  With the exception of the vaccination debate, where your choice does actually affect those around you I don’t actually give a fuck how you parent your child.

Like, not even a little bit.

What I’m interested in is hearing you share what works for you so that we parents can use each other as a resource when we are out of answers and patience.   Isn’t that what those sites were invented for?

Instead, everybody is Judgy-Judgering one a another and pointing fingers and making all sorts of assumptions about other people.   Throwing out accusations of violence and child abuse if you’ve resorted to spanking or chosen to circumcise your son.   The irreversable psychological damage you’ve done to your child by yelling at them.  How you’ve brain damaged them by allowing them to eat sugar.  Or how your kid will be smarter/healthier/better because you were able to breastfeed and I was just too lazy/selfish/stupid to do the same.

God.  We even get up in one anothers business for what kind of birth they had.

And my problem is not with what choices you make for your child.  My problem is with the choices you make about how you treat other people.  You may always speak to your child in a calm, respectful tone that explains your point of view and outlines your expectations.   You never raise your voice to them and certainly not your hand.   You are parent of the year in every way whose kid eats what’s on their plate, always follows the rules, never cries or tantrums, loves to grocery shop, goes to bed on time, puts their shoes on the first time you ask, cleans the house, walks the dog, all due to your awesomeness as a human being and in spite of the rest of us fuck ups down the street or linked to you on social media.  But when it comes to discussions about managing life as a working parent or disciplining your kids, we are all guilty of being class A bitches to one another.

This is such utter bullshit.  We all work our asses off to make our kids have the best lives possible.   And at some point we have decided that because something in our circumstance works or does not, it suddenly applies to every other human being out there.


So, to all the Sancti-Mommies out there:

Share your shit, but be realistic.   Be raw.  We can smell your entitled talk and insecurities a mile and a mouse click away.   You are not any better than the rest of us, you are just better at parenting YOUR OWN CHILD than the rest of us.  Stop acting like you have all the answers for everyone.   Stop making ridiculously overly dramatic statements about what another parent has chosen or tried or failed at.  Step off that high horse and let him go and graze in the pasture for a while.  Your burden of arrogance and judgement are too heavy for him to bear.

We. Are. All Doing.The Best.We.Can.





Vaccine Shedding Is Kinda Like The Incredible Hulk

It’s been a while since we talked about vaccines.   Then I went and read some other article on Scary Mommy and made the mistake of going through the comments section.

I’m not an expert, I don’t have a PhD.  I have a basic understanding of the complicated science that is immunology, a degree in science (Zoology) and experience in a field that helped develop vaccines to protect us against bioterrorism.

But I believe that my greatest asset is not being gullible and smart enough to wade through all the ridiculous anti-vaxx websites and instead stick to peer reviewed, actual medical literature.

Today, I was looking into vaccine shedding, which seems to be the latest excuses for not vaccinating kids against diseases that at best can make our children very, very sick, and at worst can cause permanent disability and even death.

Vaccine shedding is the idea that once a person is vaccinated, they can then shed virus in their stool, or other bodily fluids.  Under normal circumstances when you get sick, you pass along infections and share your cold or flu by shedding virus in these fluids onto surfaces or the air and the next person comes along and picks it  up.

When a patient is vaccinated, it looks like in some cases they can shed a small amount of virus in their stool or even breast milk. So, there is a small amount of truth in what the claims are.


First of all, this would only apply to “live” virus vaccines, like MMR.

Second of all, the virus is attenuated, which means that it is weakened and generally unable to make you sick.  They are injecting the stuff into a person’s body, so obviously it is not a fully functional bug that can make you ill. The whole point of a vaccine is to convince your body to have an immune response and create antibodies against a disease so that you are further protected against future exposures, without making you sick.

And it doesn’t suddenly come out of your ass after vaccination and say “Well, I survived that, so now I am Super Measles, Destroyer of the Universe and Made By Big Pharma In Order to Conquer The World.”

It’s a weakened form of a virus that could have made you seriously ill, and it’s possible that some of it can shed through your system for a couple of weeks.  From what I can find, there is no scientifically documented case of human to human transmission of a shed virus post vaccination.  There is simply the claims of a bunch of people looking for any and every reason to try and convince themselves that they are right.

Third of all, if you all were fucking vaccinated, you wouldn’t have to worry about catching the damn measles virus from a vaccinated person shedding all their horrible, practically dead germs at you anyway.

Anti-Vaxxers rely on the idea of herd immunity to keep them from getting sick….but what if we all just believed them one day and nobody vaccinated?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to inundate our already struggling healthcare system with treating measles and polio and and small pox again?

I bet we’ll all be shedding some viruses in our shit then, won’t we gang?


Anyway, the best analogy I can think of regarding vaccine shedding is like this:

You have let’s say, a super pissed off Incredible Hulk loose in the world.  (Have you seen the Avengers, Age of Ultron?  Watch the scene with the Hulk and Ironman in the Hulkbuster suit.  They do some serious damage.)

So the Hulk is the disease, and Ironman is modern medicine.  When Hulk is loose and out of control, he sorta fucks up the world.  Hurts everyone he comes in contact with.

And then eventually, Ironman finds a way to knock him out.  Sleeping Hulk.  Still alive, still potentially could roll over and squish you, but highly unlikely .

So imagine that the virus shedding off a vaccinated person is the unconscious Hulk.  You can understand why people are a little leery of him due to the damage he is capable of doing in his regular, active state.

But when he is sleeping, or better yet, turned back into Dr. Banner…although still alive he is pretty harmless.  Dr. Banner can’t really hurt.  The other form of himself could, but not the controlled other version of Hulk.

That’s what the real live version of, say,  the real smallpox virus versus the shed virus post vaccination would be like.  (Oversimplified, yes, but I’m looking for an easily relatable analogy here.)

I just want people to stop grasping at straws and taking half truths about scientific things they don’t understand nearly as much as they think  they do and trust that their doctors are not actually trying to kill them.  We tend to take bits of information and read into them however we want in order to make ourselves believe that it proves something.

Science proves things.  Let the scientists do the proving.  And if you want to do the proving and experiments, then go get a PhD and make your thesis about fucking vaccine shedding.

Or Hulkbusting.

And once your theories are proved and published in peer reviewed journals of medicine, then we can talk.

Until then, find another crusade…like teaching your kids not to shoot people, or vegetariansim, or whatever.  Or become an expert at the ukelele and try to heal the word with music.  I don’t care. Just stop getting in the way of things that don’t need your help.


Dear Anti-Vaxxers: Please Just Shut Up Already.

This morning while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a post by a Vet Tech friend of mine reminding us of the areas where Lyme Disease is prevalent, and to vaccinate our pets if we are in at risk areas.

Wait.  There’s a vaccine for Lyme disease?

And my dogs can have it, but my humans can’t?

So I looked into it.  And there used to be a vaccine against Lyme, developed in the early 2000’s amongst growing concerns that Lyme disease was becoming a very real and very scary public health concern.

The vaccine was kind of a cool one.  In really simple terms, it didn’t actually make the humans immune to Lyme disease.  It evoked a type of immune response that actually prevented the tick from being able to transmit the disease.  Basically, some antibodies would be swirling around in your blood, and when the tick bites you and starts to ingest your blood, these antibodies would bind to the infectious part of the bacteria in the ticks gut, making it unable to cross the dermis ( a skin layer) and infect the human.  It would usually take 2 or 3 doses to be most effective- and it was effective… about 80% on average.

That’s the Coles Notes version.  If you want to read more about it, here is the Oxford Journal of Medicine article. 

So what happened to the vaccine?  Well according to the above article and several others that I read, some people decided that the vaccine was causing a (Gasp!) side effect called autoimmune arthritis.   So the vaccine developers did some double blind studies and found that it actually wasn’t the case, the vaccine was safe and effective.

And then guess what happened?

The fucking Anti-Vaxxers got a hold of the story and started going to the media and suddenly the internet was flooded with stories of “vaccine victims” and all the horrors that this life saving vaccine was doing to the world.  Class action lawsuits were filed, the vaccine become more expensive to manufacture and defend than was worth it for the companies, and it was withdrawn.

And as usual, the allegations were based in sensationalism and pseudo-science and unproved hypothesis.  No matter what science disproved the theories or supported the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, hysteria won out again.

And now, I can protect my fucking dog from this horrible vector borne disease, but I can’t protect my children.

So, good morning, Anti-Vaxxers, and fuck you very much on this fine Tuesday morning.

Here’s the thing:  For a group that constantly screams ” MY CHOICE”  “YOU CAN”T MAKE ME PUT THINGS IN MY BODY”  you have taken my choice away from me. Why are you the only ones who get a choice?  WHO asked you to save people from things they don’t actually need saving from?

You know what I don’t what to put in my body?

Lyme Disease.  That’s what.

But I guess me and the kids will have to just take our chances this summer, because once again, you fucking know better.  Better than all the people who have spent their lives studying infectious disease. Better than all the doctors who want to prevent a potentially life altering disease that is difficult to detect early enough to treat and often difficult to treat.  A disease that can be effectively prevented with a decent vaccine.

And don’t tell me how it’s no big deal. How natural immunity is a thing.  We’re talking about a bacterial infection.  The kind that requires antibiotics to get better….if you catch it early enough.  For someone like me who has severe, life threatening allergies to a long list of antibiotics, that doesn’t make me feel very positive about how well I’d fare if I got Lyme disease.

So really, if you want to go ahead and continue not to protect yourself against a long list of preventable diseases, fine.  Go ahead and get sick.  Go ahead and risk disability.  Hell, go ahead and die, if that’s what having a choice means to you.

But stop taking away the choices of everyone else around you. Stay away from public places so you don’t accidentally pass on the measles to a baby too young to be vaccinated.  Don’t take the vaccines. Fine. It’s your body. But please just shut up long enough to allow the rest of us to make our own decisions concerning our bodies.  Whether or not I am vaccinated doesn’t affect you, so why fuck it up for me?

Stop getting in the way for those of us who believe in science and medicine and would otherwise have wanted to have the option of protecting ourselves and our children from things like Lyme disease.  Your choice has once again affected MY ability to choose what’s right for my family.

This is such bullshit.

At least my dog will still be ok though.  Thanks for letting the dogs live.



I Forgot to Get The Flu Shot And My Toddler Is Starving Himself To Death


Oh my Gawd.

We are all dying in this house.  Dying.

And I think it’s my fault.  Me, the queen advocate for vaccinations, got myself a real nice batch of the flu last week.  It’s been 10 days and this morning is the first morning I don’t feel like I might suffocate on the sea of snot and phlegm that’s been ruining my life since last Monday.

I was just trying to remember before I got sick if we had gotten our flu shots when were at the kids checkup, and I guess the answer is no. A Big.Fat.NO.


Could you imagine if I forgot to get the kids polio vaccination?  Whoops!  Sorry you’re paralyzed now, Mommy’s a bit of a forgetful asshole.

Anyway, that’s not the real point of this.

My poor Buddy is so sick and congested that he snores and slurps and drools and sounds like he’s drowning.  Which he probably is.  Because the flu sucks donkey balls, Bitches.  It super does.

So last night I am rubbing Vicks Vaporub all over him to try to give him some relief, and I realize that my child is skin and bones.  Skin and bones.  I mean, he looks thin but it wasn’t until I was literally rubbing up his whole back and chest that I realized it just felt like there was no meat on him at all.

He is going through this picky phase the last few months or so and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get him to eat.  He eats a lot of fruit and some veggies, I’m thankful for that, but I can’t get anything of substance into him.  He can’t survive on chocolate milk and apple juice alone, although that also seems to be part of his evil plan.

So Bitches, I am asking you.  How the hell do I fatten up my super active two year old?  Any tricks to sneaking protein into things?  Or fat, without it being just junk food?

Seriously.  Kids have no sense of self preservation.  How are some of them even alive?


Trust me, if this is how vaccines came, I'd be an anti-vaxxer too.

Trust me, if this is how vaccines came, I’d be an anti-vaxxer too.

So, I guess it’s that time of year.  Cold and flu season.  The glorious time of year where all parents spend about 4 long months either nursing one of their children back to health or trying not to succumb to the horrible congestion and delirious state of exhaustion that comes with the territory.

It’s also that time of year where we start seeing all the articles about measles outbreaks and the various articles pleading the science of vaccines and urging people to change their minds.

It’s also the time of year where all anti-vaxxers ignore the pleas and continue to make a panic-induced choice based on the blog of someone who may have had a legitimate issue with a vaccine.  The time of year where they allow their children to be exposed to a horrible preventable illness that also puts others at risk.  And by others, I mean people who have already had a shitty deal of it.  People with compromised immune systems, or perhaps an infant who hasn’t had a chance to build an immune system.  Perhaps the infant of a parent who fully intends to vaccinate their child but must wait until they are old enough.

I wonder how you would feel, Anti-Vaxxer, if you found out you had given a friend’s infant the measles?  I wonder how you would feel if that infant suffered from complications or died?

I know how I would feel.  I would feel angry.  I would feel frustrated.  I would feel sad.

If natural immunity is so awesome, why aren’t you guys locking yourselves up in a house together for a few weeks and opening a jar of live measles virus in a room and having one of those ridiculous parties people have with chicken pox these days?  ( There is also a vaccine available for that, by the way)

If you are so unafraid of the measles, why don’t you?  Why don’t you go make out with someone infected with measles and just get it over with?  Just fucking have at it already.

The truth is, you don’t want to get measles either.  It makes you horribly ill and there are risks of some very serious complications to go with it. So you are relying on the rest of us and our immunity to prevent the spread.

I think that all of us who try to reason with science and proof and statistics are wasting our disease-free breath.  I think the main thing driving the anti-vaccine movement is fear.  I don’t think it is an issue that measurable science can fix, because we are talking about irrational fear.

I think the anti-vaccine movement is phobia rooted in misinterpretation of facts and pseudo-science.  I think it actually deserves it’s own phobia name like arachnophobia (the fear of spiders.)  It is irrational and incredible to those of use who don’t allow misinformation to terrify us, but to the “sufferer” it is extremely real.

So, I won’t be linking to any scientific articles.  But I will create my own hypothesis:  There is a real epidemic sweeping the Western world, and it’s called Vaccineaphobia.  It’s rooted in propaganda and fear and isn’t worth trying to attack it with logic.

Perhaps some cognitive behavioral therapy?  How are phobias cured?  Don’t say by a vaccine.

Happy Wednesday, Bitches.

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