Jesus Likes Gay People Better Than Assholes

I’m going to start Monday off with a bang.  Put your party hats on kids, because we’ve got a real live controversy going on right here in Manitoba.  In fact, it’s going on in a town about 30 minutes from here called Steinbach.

To give you some background, this little town is known for its strong Mennonite roots, and strict religious rules.  I think that restaurants are finally permitted to serve alcohol.   Usually, the biggest offense with the people who live there is when they come into the city to eat and tip like shit on Sundays.  Cheap fuckers, let me tell you.

Currently, there is a piece of anti-bullying legislation on the table in Manitoba, which specifically outlines some rights for students wishing to support a gay-straight alliance in schools.  Basically, a peer group where everyone is accepted, regardless of sexual orientation.  It’s called Bill 18.

Well, a pastor in Steinbach is rallying the troops against Bill 18, trying to create and gather political support, citing infringement of religious freedom, blah blah blah.

The usual ignorant, discriminatory bullshit that people display because they are bigots, who try to justify themselves by hiding behind Jesus.

This whole thing has my tits so hot that they are almost on fire.  I am no theological scholar, or expert, or nun or whatever.  But I do know this.  In my experience, the people who walk around with a giant cardboard cutout of Jesus in front of them in order to justify every piece of hateful and judgmental behaviour they exhibit are often the ones who know the least about him.

Let me tell you about Jesus.  He hung out with the thieves and the whores.  He loved them and accepted them for what they are.  Because no one, not one person ever, has led a clean life without fucking up.  All sin is equal.  What’s that Bigot Pastor?  Had a hateful thought against that child because he’s gay?  That sin is equal to one sin of the gay child, no matter what it is.

Oh, and  you judged the child for it?  Guess that’s actually 2 sins for the child’s one.  I guess you’re the bigger asshole after all.  And I’m pretty sure Jesus likes gay people better than assholes.  Since being an asshole is a choice and all.

“Let he that be without sin cast the first stone”

What’s that motherfucker?  Afraid to break the glass around you?  Maybe you should just put the stone down and call it a day.

Here’s the thing about organized religion.  (Disclaimer: As an Anglican, I do believe that church communities are an important part of faith, but this is the challenge they all face)  When a whole bunch of people get together to worship or build a community, we tend to taint it with our human bullshit.   It is very easy to lose sight of why you came together in the first place.  Christianity is about love, and forgiveness, and acceptance, and peace. It’s very easy to read the rules outlined in the Bible and feel our superiority rising because we can tick off all the things we’ve done “right” according to Scriptures.

The funny thing is that the single most important thing in the whole book is to love one another.  Yet it seems to be the hardest thing to do.  I think its human nature to want to feel good about yourself, and for some reason, we think the easiest way to do that is by pointing the finger someone elses way.

But let me tell you this.  No matter how much shadow you try and cast in another direction, your light won’t get any brighter.  No matter how much you tear someone else down, you will not raise any higher.

I don’t understand why a gay-straight alliance threatens anyone’s religious freedom.  Mostly because it really doesn’t.  No matter how much this pastor tries to hide behind Jesus’s robes, I still see him for what he is.

Our jobs as adults and parents are to protect our children from harm.  Whether that comes from physical danger, bullying, or illness.  Not to be one of the things threatening them.

You’d think after 2000 years, we’d finally get it.  “the greatest of these is love”

Nope.  We’re still stuck on “man shall lie with woman”  (pardon my paraphrasing).   And I’m pretty sure that it says somewhere that we’re not supposed to eat pig or shellfish.

Guess no one in Steinbach eats pork chops or comes out to Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp.

Yeah.  Ok.